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15 Tips For Big Back To School Savings

Back to school sales have already begun and the summer is winding down for most kids. Every parent and teacher knows that purchasing school supplies are not usually a one-time occurrence. Over the course of a school year, the price tag of replenishing supplies can be costly. With a little researching, planning ahead, and goal […]

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Remarkable Ways To Cut College Tuition Costs

For many high school students, the next step after graduation is to head off to college, but paying for college can be an obstacle. With the cost of secondary education on the rise, you may want to examine some of the ways you can cut college tuition costs in order to achieve your higher education […]

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12 Things You Wish Your Parents Told You About Money

Managing your finances properly can be a tricky business, especially if a person is fresh out of high school or college. He or she might have a new job and a checking account. They might think they are ready to take on the world, but that new income might suffer as a result of improper […]

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Debt Management for College Students: How To Deal With The Debt

When you are a student in college the last thing on your mind is saving money, debt management, the wise use of credit, and pretty much anything having to do with budgeting or finances. But college can actually create a financial future full of debt and doubt if you aren’t careful. You’ll receive many credit […]

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The Best Ways to Save Money on Textbooks

College can be very expensive especially when it comes to purchasing textbooks for your classes. If you’ve never purchased a textbook before it’s likely your jaw will hit the floor when you see the prices. It’s not uncommon for some math and science textbooks to run well over $175 per book. When you have to […]

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The Big Risks of Cosigning for Student Loans

A person might have a child, family member, or even a close family friend who is about to start college. They turned in their applications, they got accepted into their school of choice, and they got their financial aid award letter. BUT because their dream school’s financial aid award doesn’t completely cover the cost of […]

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How To Deal With Student Loan Debt

Congratulations on completing college! But maybe you’re not in a celebrating mood because your first student loan payment is due? You might be a college graduate in a rough or competitive job market, and have more student loan debt, credit card debt, or other debts than you can handle. You might be struggling to find […]

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Becoming Debt Free Starts Here

If you're struggling to make ends meet, our team of certified counselors are waiting to help you find a solution that's right for you. No matter what your financial situation may be, remember you're not alone