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For-Profit And Non-Profit Credit Counseling

The Main Differences Between For-Profit And Non-Profit Credit Counseling

Credit counseling is valuable for individuals seeking assistance managing their debt and improving their financial well-being. Two primary credit counseling services exist, for-profit and non-profit credit counseling, which is provided by Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organizations. Understanding the differences between these two options can help consumers make informed decisions about the type of credit counseling that best […]

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What Does Credit Counseling Offer A Person In Debt?

Slideshow: 5 Options for Getting Out of Debt

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Hire a Tax Professional

Infographic: Causes of Debt

When people think of debt, they most often think of credit card debt. However, a significant amount of people’s financial worries actually come from some slightly more unexpected causes of debt. Currently, some of the largest contributors to debt are medical bills, divorce fees and settlements, and student loans. There are other known causes of […]

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Debt Help

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Money Saving Tips

Video: All About Advantage Credit Counseling Service, Inc.

This video is a wonderful overview and a close look at Advantage Credit Counseling Service, Inc. As a National Non-Profit credit counseling organization, the Agency provides professional, meaningful and confidential consumer education, credit counseling and develops effective debt management programs for all segments of the community that we serve. The Agency educates consumers about wise money […]

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7 Things You Should Know About Personal Loans