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What Should You Teach Kids About Money?

When it comes to teaching your kids about money, think of it as teaching them survival skills. If you do not teach them about money–budgeting, saving, spending, and credit–it will be left to trial and error, which could prove costly and time-consuming. Since only about 15% of young people learn personal money management in school, […]

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Fun Summer Activities on a Budget for the Family

When the weather starts to heat up, and more people head outside, that’s when budgets start to go downhill. While all family members look forward to summer, parents and children typically have different viewpoints on what constitutes as a “fun” summer activity. Of course, when the cost is a factor, trips to the expensive theme […]

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Should Your Teenager Have A Credit Card?

According to TransUnion, 20 percent of people who are between the ages of 13 and 18 have a credit card. However, many parents are still reluctant to give their teen a credit card. There are negatives that come along with it. For example, teens who do not use their credit cards responsibly can potentially ruin their credit […]

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7 Helpful Lessons Learned From A Lemonade Stand

Just about every person in the country either owned a little lemonade stand with their friends when they were a kid or they knew someone else who owned one. What those people didn’t know was that they were learning valuable financial lessons that would help them later on in life and business. The following are […]

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12 Things You Wish Your Parents Told You About Money

Managing your finances properly can be a tricky business, especially if a person is fresh out of high school or college. He or she might have a new job and a checking account. They might think they are ready to take on the world, but that new income might suffer as a result of improper […]

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Children’s Clothing Options That Are Budget Friendly

When it comes to buying clothes for children, this is an area that can become an expensive endeavor. It is also an area of a parent’s financial responsibilities that are affected by the age of the child for which they are buying these clothes. Obviously, the threads they buy for their teenager will tend to […]

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The Scary Truth about Teens and Money

Around this time of year, we usually do a blog post about “How to Save Money on Halloween Décor” or “Halloween Costumes on a Budget” and so on. We wanted to do something a little different this year. We’re going to take a closer look at teens and their money management skills because let’s be […]

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How to Save Money on Mother’s Day

The stores are filled with “I Love Mom” balloons, cards, and fresh flowers. You can’t watch TV without every other commercial being about Mother’s Day and what to buy for Mom. However, for most moms, it’s really the thought that counts! This is great news for people who want to get their mother a nice […]

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The Big Risks of Cosigning for Student Loans

A person might have a child, family member, or even a close family friend who is about to start college. They turned in their applications, they got accepted into their school of choice, and they got their financial aid award letter. BUT because their dream school’s financial aid award doesn’t completely cover the cost of […]

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