Month: August 2018

How Credit Counseling Can Help You Get A Mortgage

We get asked this question almost every day “Can you get a mortgage if you’ve done credit counseling and are on a Debt Management Program (DMP)?” The short and sweet answer is “YES”! There are a few things that you need to consider though. Consumer credit counseling can get individuals with poor credit scores on […]

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7 Reasons To Get Rid Of Your Credit Cards

If credit card companies had it their way, consumers would charge any and every purchase they make every single day of their lives. Unfortunately, that would only be fun until it came time to pay the enormous bill. While it can be difficult to resist temptation from time to time, there are a few excellent […]

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Reasons Why You Might Not Join A Debt Management Program

We’ve been in business for over 50 years now (since June 17th, 1968) so we’ve heard about a million reasons why someone doesn’t want to sign up for a Debt Management Program even though they seem super interested and excited about it. The list includes a few common reasons such as: Monthly payments with Debt […]

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Advantage CCS Teams Up with CardRates.com to Talk About Free Consumer Credit Counseling

Our very own Heather Murray, Manager of Regulatory Compliance and Education, recently spoke with Ashley Dull who is the Editor-in-Chief at www.CardRates.com about our holistic approach to tackling credit card debt and what our free consumer credit counseling can do to help people who are struggling with unsecured debt such as credit cards and medical […]

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