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How to Save Money on Mother’s Day

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The stores are filled with “I Love Mom” balloons, cards, and fresh flowers. You can’t watch TV without every other commercial being about Mother’s Day and what to buy for Mom. However, for most moms, it’s really the thought that counts!

This is great news for people who want to get their mother a nice gift but are having financial difficulties or don’t want to bust their budget to pieces. There are a few things every shopper should keep in mind while shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

1. You’re never too old to help with chores –

One thing that all parents love is a clean house! It’s even better when it’s a clean house that they didn’t have to clean themselves. So, why not offer to clean up for mom? Maybe you can do some needed maintenance or yard work at her home. This will cost you very little, other than time and sweat equity but it will mean the world to her.

2. Spend some quality time together –

Spending time and helping is worth more than any gift money can buy. Quality time is precious and priceless! Providing your company and attention is an excellent way to save on mother’s day gifts. Time spent with her is worth more in memories than any amount of money spent. In the years to come, you may never remember what you bought her, but you will remember the time you spent with her and so will she.

3. Make sure to look for great deals –

For those who want to get a gift, some of the most popular items are flowers or chocolates, which are often on sale or have offers for purchasing these items to save money on mother’s day. Search for deals and coupons for the items that you are looking at purchasing. Many stores and websites will have promotions for Mother’s Day. Plan early and you can take advantage of many different deals that they offer to entice people to purchase. Many flower businesses will offer free shipping or delivery. Spend a little extra time to find the best deals!

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4. Go in on a bigger gift with siblings –

If you have siblings, consider going in together on a gift for mother’s day. This is a great way to save money. Not only can you get her a bigger or better gift, but she will appreciate that you’re working together with your siblings. What parent doesn’t enjoy their children working together and getting along? She will appreciate knowing that you all cared enough about her to work together to get her a gift that she will love.

5. Pamper her and do things around the house for her –

If you are still living at home, think of things that you can do to make her daily life brighter and easier. Make her breakfast in bed. Everyone enjoys being pampered a little bit. Get up a little early and make a delicious breakfast she can enjoy without even leaving her bed. Don’t forget to clean up the kitchen afterward though! Later in the day, you can send her to take a rest while you take care of things around the house. Let her take a nap, read a book, take a bath, or enjoy a movie while things around the house get cleaned and taken care of. Help her to feel pampered without even leaving the house.

6. Organize a family photo session –

Take a family photo. Spend the afternoon in a park and take pictures as a family. Not only do parents enjoy family pictures, but you get to spend the afternoon together making memories. Then take all the photos you took and put them into a photo album to enjoy for years to come.

7. Keep the credit cards out of sight –

Everyone wants to get their mom an extravagant gift, but if the gift cost more than the cash set aside from your Mother’s Day fund that has been collecting change and dollar bills since January, leave the gift on the shelf. No loving mom wants her child to go further into credit card debt for the sake of an expensive gift.

8. Get creative and think outside of the box –

Everyone has their own special talents. Nothing makes a mom happier than receiving a personalized gift made just for her with love. Do you like to bake? Bake mom a batch of her favorite cookies. Can’t bake and not good at cooking? Give mom a handmade card with a poem or song. Can’t draw or write and broke from paying bills? Treat her to a game of miniature golf or take her to see a matinee movie.

9. Throw a Mother’s Day party –

Mothers love parties, especially when they don’t have to plan them. Moms spend 16 years or more planning parties for their kids. They stay up late baking cakes, they shop party supply stores for their kid’s favorite cartoon characters, and they clean up the mess when everybody leaves. Most moms would love to have a party celebrating all the wonderful things they have done over the years. The party doesn’t have to be expensive; making homemade sub sandwiches along with her favorite drinks is enough to make her feel special. She will also enjoy being the guest of honor and not having to clean up when the party is over.

Conclusion –

Everyone wants to make their mom feel like a queen on mother’s day. It’s the day to celebrate the person who raised you, loves you unconditionally, and gave you everything she had.

Treating your mom on this special day does not have to cost a fortune. You can make your mom feel special, loved, and wonderful without breaking the bank. She will appreciate the effort and time that you put into making mother’s day a special day for her.

Moms should be celebrated every day of the year; fortunately, they can be celebrated without going into debt. Planning ahead and sticking to a budget will ensure everyone finds the perfect gift for mom at a great price!

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Author: Lauralynn Mangis
Lauralynn is the Online Marketing Specialist for AdvantageCCS. She is married and has two young daughters. She enjoys writing, reading, hiking, cooking, video games, sewing, and gardening. Lauralynn has a degree in Multimedia Technologies from Pittsburgh Technical College.