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Guarding Your Credit

With the growing concern about financial fraud and identity theft, getting protected has become more important than ever. It’s imperative to gain awareness on how to effectively look after yourself and your finances in this digital world. Also, in an unstable economy, the sudden loss of a job can create a financial crisis and you […]

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Tips to Avoid Late Fees

One household alone can have a dozen or more bills that come in each month. Each bill has a different due date that must be followed or else a penalty occurs. These charges can be more than $25 for each occurrence, and the tardiness is quickly recorded on your credit history. We all know that […]

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The High Cost of Rent to Own

The concept of rent to own can be very appealing to people with low credit scores and who are short on cash but wish to purchase new electronics, appliances, or furniture. Rent to own stores make it possible to own items that you may not otherwise be able to afford. Because you don’t have to […]

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Why Credit Card Debt Sucks

The use of credit cards has been one of the major growth industries in the U.S. across the latter half of the 20th century and into the beginning of the 21st century, but the benefits these provide are often outweighed by the problems caused by unmanageable levels of debt. Credit cards can offer many benefits […]

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A Look At Credit Cards Throughout History

Have you ever wondered how credit cards came about? Who thought of the very first credit card and what were they used for back then? From personalized store credit in the 1800s to the never-ending card offers that pile up in your mailbox on a daily basis, credit cards have become an inescapable part of […]

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10 Steps to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

People always ask me this same question: “How can I get rid of my credit card debt as quickly as possible”. And the answer is always: “You didn’t get into debt overnight, and you most certainly won’t get out of debt overnight either. Work hard on it, be patient, and start now!” I’m going to […]

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What is a “charge-off” and how does it affect me?

Credit cards are excellent tools for us to use when we are in a bind, they will usually provide us with funds to keep us going until things get better. However, what happens when things do not get better and there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel, will we have […]

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How is interest calculated on credit card bills?

The interest calculated on credit cards can be troubling and confusing. Using a credit card wisely will save you money and keep you out of debt. Carrying balances over each month will lead to a larger balance, with you paying more than the original amount owed. This is due to the credit card interest calculated […]

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Becoming Debt Free Starts Here

If you're struggling to make ends meet, our team of certified counselors are waiting to help you find a solution that's right for you. No matter what your financial situation may be, remember you're not alone