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Tax Season Fraud and Identity Theft

Founded by the Federal Trade Commission, Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week sets aside 5 days to encourage and educate taxpayers to protect their tax and personal identification information. As reports show, there was a staggering 400% increase in tax-related phishing attacks during the 2016 filing season. Therefore, it’s important that taxpayers are aware of the […]

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What you need to know before freezing your credit

Over 143 million Americans had their sensitive personal information exposed to hackers in the recent Equifax data breach. There’s a good chance that you or someone in your household may have been impacted by this historically huge data hack. The bad news: your information is probably already in the hands of hackers that can use […]

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Tips to Avoid Late Fees

One household alone can have a dozen or more bills that come in each month. Each bill has a different due date that must be followed or else a penalty occurs. These charges can be more than $25 for each occurrence, and the tardiness is quickly recorded on your credit history. We all know that […]

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The High Cost of Leasing a Car

If you are in the market for a new car, you have likely wondered whether you should buy or lease. Many people find leasing appealing because they can drive a new car all of the time, and it even allows them the opportunity to drive a luxury or higher-end vehicle that they would not be […]

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The Worst Scams of 2012 and How to Avoid Falling for Them

The Internet is vast and expanding everyday at a rapid pace. This can make keeping your identity safe and protected a daunting task because of online shopping, email phishing scams, and other online activity that most people partake in. The number of Internet scams and identity theft cases has most certainly increased and you need […]

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