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How to Deal with the Financial Effects of a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters can cause an enormous amount of devastation and damage, but the effects can actually be more far-reaching than many imagine. When a natural disaster strikes, debt and/or your personal finances are probably the LAST things on your mind. But these two topics are going to come to light pretty quickly after something bad […]

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Affordable Ways to Cool Down Your House in the Summer

Summer is here and so is the squelching heat! We are all going to make the most of these few precious months of warmth before the harsh winter rolls in. While it is great to break out in those shorts and flop around the beach or pool in sandals. The fact remains that a house […]

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Reduce Your Debt and Stress at the Same Time

Financial trouble is one of the leading causes of stress in adults, and high debt balances are one of the top financial concerns people have. You may have high balances on your credit cards, and you may be stressing out about how you are going to pay them off. In some cases, the amount of […]

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Mental Health and Debt Management

Your financial situation – including the amount of debt you carry, your credit score, and how close to filing for bankruptcy you are – often has a marked impact on your mental health. However, it’s also possible for poor mental health to negatively impact your financial situation. A positive mental outlook is essential for effective […]

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