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What Should I Know About Debt Consolidation?

Individuals trying to get financially back on track usually consider some form of debt consolidation. There are three main ways to consolidate debt: Debt Consolidation Loan, Debt Management Program, and Debt Settlement. Let’s start with a debt consolidation loan. This involves getting a loan from one lender with the purpose of paying off multiple creditors. […]

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How to Get out of Debt

The recent recession affected the financial lives of people all over the country. The recession led to much higher rates of unemployment and underemployment. Because of this, many people needed to rely on credit cards to meet all of their financial obligations and pay for emergencies that arose. While this may have been a good […]

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The Value of Credit Counseling in Everyday Life

Credit counseling is often an overlooked free financial tool in our busy everyday lives. We need good credit for everything these days as we transition to less and less cash in our lives. The truth is good credit is not only for financing, but it’s also essential in setting up utilities, getting a cellular phone, […]

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Infographic: Great Money Saving Tips For 2013

We’ve all heard this financial advice before: pack your lunch, skip the coffee shop latte, set up an emergency fund, and grow your retirement savings. But how often do these suggestions translate into dramatically changing your financial future? You may not act on financial advice if you’re puzzled about your overall financial picture. For example, […]

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Why You Should Choose a Non-Profit Credit Counseling Agency

A non-profit credit counseling agency can be an excellent choice for consumers who are struggling to pay their bills and fear their credit rating is perhaps slipping. Credit counseling can potentially stop collection calls from harassing creditors and put consumers back on track for having a good credit rating. Most people who have availed themselves […]

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Consumer Credit Counseling Services in California

California is one of the most stringent states when it comes to paying back loans. In California the bankruptcy process is set up against the borrower it would seem, especially if the borrower is a small business owner without enough money for a dedicated team of lawyers. If you are in serious trouble with credit […]

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Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Settlement vs. Debt Management Program

Debt Consolidation – Debt consolidation typically involves taking out a lower interest loan to pay off multiple high interest secured or unsecured debts such as credit cards. The lowest interest rate consolidation loan is generally secured against the borrower’s assets such as a home or a car. Because credit card debts have such high interest […]

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Credit Management Tips and Advice

Your  credit score is not something you can instantly fix and then see immediate results. Credit scores are like your driving record with all of your past mistakes clearly visible. The credit bureaus take into account years of past behavior, not just your present actions. Many negative or bad marks could stay on your credit […]

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Becoming Debt Free Starts Here

If you're struggling to make ends meet, our team of certified counselors are waiting to help you find a solution that's right for you. No matter what your financial situation may be, remember you're not alone