Month: July 2018

Top Money-Saving Tips When Your Income Is Inconsistent

Saving money is understandably a top financial goal, but it also may be a goal that you struggle with regularly. While saving money is a challenge for many people, your income structure may make this task even more difficult for you. When you read through common money-saving tips, you inevitably find tips that say to […]

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How To Deal With Negative Credit Report Information

Receiving a negative credit report can be devastating. A good credit score is essential for so many of the financial needs one has in life. A low score can affect the interest rates a person gets when taking out a loan, particularly for a house or car, it can raise insurance rates, and it can […]

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7 Helpful Lessons Learned From A Lemonade Stand

Just about every person in the country either owned a little lemonade stand with their friends when they were a kid or they knew someone else who owned one. What those people didn’t know was that they were learning valuable financial lessons that would help them later on in life and business. The following are […]

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