Month: August 2013

Illinois Credit Counseling is Now Available

The Illinois credit counseling industry has a new competitor: Advantage CCS. Consumer Credit Counseling is a process that involves providing education and advice to individuals about how to avoid incurring more unsecured debt, like with credit cards. Credit Counseling is often characterized by sessions of credit education and reviews the psychology of the consumer’s spending […]

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Slide Show: Student Loan Tips & Helpful Resources

With US student loan debt now greater than total credit card debt, new graduates need to take their monthly payments seriously and form good repayment habits early on. Some estimates show student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion nationally, and recent government figures show nearly 10% of borrowers of federally-subsidized student loans had already defaulted […]

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Arizona has a great new choice for debt relief help

Advantage Credit Counseling Service has received approval and licensure to offer consumer credit counseling and, if applicable, a debt management program to Arizona residents who are currently in unsecured debt. The state of Arizona has some firm consumer credit counseling laws in place to help protect consumers and make sure that ALL debt relief options […]

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South Carolina has another option for credit counseling

Advantage Credit Counseling Service has just received approval and their license to perform credit counseling sessions and offer, if applicable, a debt management program to consumers who are in debt and living in South Carolina. South Carolina has some of the strictest credit counseling laws in place to help protect its consumers and make sure […]

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How Much is Your Debt Really Costing You?

We have a guest blog post for you from Katie Bryan over at America Saves. We partner with America Saves, because they are a national campaign linking more than 1,000 Non-Profit, government, and corporate groups that encourages consumers to save money and build personal wealth. We stand behind their message and mission. We are always […]

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