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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Getting A Reverse Mortgage?

If you have a mortgage, you may have heard about a way to have a mortgage loan that requires no payment. This may sound surreal, but it is known as a reverse mortgage. As opposed to the traditional mortgage loan that is repaid over time, the reverse mortgage is designed for the homeowner to receive […]

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How To Retire On Very Little Money

Americans are notorious for being terrible savers. More than one-fifth of all United States adults have absolutely nothing stored away for retirement. Nearly four-fifths of all Americans are seriously worried that they will run out of savings before they pass away. Retirees, however, don’t actually need that much money saved up prior to leaving their jobs, kicking back, and relaxing. Most […]

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When Should You Start Collecting Social Security Benefits

Collecting Social Security Benefits For Retirees – The age at which an individual should begin collecting Social Security depends on his or her unique circumstances. The longer an individual can delay collecting, the higher the monthly benefit amount will be. Ultimately, the total amount collected will probably be about the same. Those who start collecting […]

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10 Financial Lessons You Need To Know Before You Hit 40

Learning to manage money and make good financial decisions does not come naturally to many people. Young adults are often tempted to put off these lessons until some future date, assuming they have many years ahead to earn an income and actually prepare for the future. Most of us have made some financial missteps along […]

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