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Credit Rating and Loan Applications

Credit rating is a subject grossly misconstrued by many consumers, and it’s largely due to the lack of education provided to young people regarding what credit is, how it’s used, and why it matters. It’s not a subject discussed in the average high school classroom, and many people miss the opportunity to teach their children […]

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Financial Pet Peeves and How to Deal with Them

Everyone has pet peeves, those little things that happen that aren’t big enough to require much effort, but come up to annoy you again and again when you least expect it. We all have pet peeves and there’s no denying that. But what about financial pet peeves? Can you think of any that you might have? […]

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Tomorrow is International Credit Union (ICU) Day

The credit union idea arose centuries ago as people worked under a common effort without thought of profit – they put out fires, harvested crops, and avoided high-priced loans by lending to one another. In the 1850’s, hard times hit Germany, and people turned to each other for help. They removed small savings from under […]

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What to look for when selecting a Credit Union?

Credit unions are a great way to save money and to increase the savings rate that you might be receiving on your interest-bearing account. Unlike their commercial counterparts, credit unions typically offer free accounts with no minimum balance requirements. The benefits of a credit union go far beyond just maintaining an interest-bearing checking account. Customers […]

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