Month: August 2012

Advantage CCS wants consumers to know that the Online Budget Advisor tool is now FREE!

Advantage CCS has some very exciting news that we would like to announce: The Agency’s online Budget Advisor tool is now FREE to the public. This online budgeting analysis tool was previously available for $4.95 but Advantage Credit Counseling Service has completely gotten rid of any and all fees! The consumer can now use this […]

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Consumer Credit Counseling Services in California

California is one of the most stringent states when it comes to paying back loans. In California the bankruptcy process is set up against the borrower it would seem, especially if the borrower is a small business owner without enough money for a dedicated team of lawyers. If you are in serious trouble with credit […]

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Foreclosure Prevention

Owning a home or condo can be a rewarding experience in the life of many people. While home ownership can be an emotionally rewarding experience for an individual or family, it can sometimes be difficult to manage some of the financial matters associated with home ownership. Since many people use mortgages to purchase a new […]

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Online Bankruptcy Education

Online Bankruptcy Education is a pre-discharge bankruptcy counseling session that is required for all consumers who have filed for bankruptcy and who have received a bankruptcy case number. You must complete either a face-to-face session, telephone session, or online session within 45 days of your “341 Meeting of Creditors” (hearing). The counseling session will help […]

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How to Find Free Debt Management Help

In today’s failing economy, individuals are finding themselves with many bills that they are unable to pay. The amount of debt is far exceeding most individual’s paychecks leaving them with increased difficulty in meeting their financial obligations. Some individuals find themselves searching for free debt management help and others are facing bankruptcy or foreclosure. When […]

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Infographic: If You’re in Debt, You’re Not Alone

Debt is not a pretty word by any means. More often than not, the word itself brings about increased stress, elevated blood pressure, and tension headaches to those who are struggling with debt. The economy has definitely seen better days and more people are turning to credit cards and/or loans to help ease the financial […]

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