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Infographic: If You’re in Debt, You’re Not Alone

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Debt is not a pretty word by any means. More often than not, the word itself brings about increased stress, elevated blood pressure, and tension headaches to those who are struggling with debt. The economy has definitely seen better days and more people are turning to credit cards and/or loans to help ease the financial pinch. This course of action can sometimes lead to an unhealthy amount of unsecured or even secured debt.

Below is an infographic that Advantage CCS has created to help illustrate the amount of revolving accounts, consumer debt, credit card transactions, and other educational information concerning the credit and debt plague that’s sweeping across the US. These numbers are truly frightening and eye-opening.

We hope that you find this infographic and article informative. Please feel free to Like, Tweet, Share, Comment, or even embed on your own website. The more people that know this information, the better for everyone. It’s important to stay well informed, especially when faced with debt. Thank you!

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Author: Lauralynn Mangis
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