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The Remarkable Benefits of Credit and Bankruptcy Counseling

You’re in debt. Like many other people, you may not be exactly sure how you got here. Maybe you are a recent college graduate with an ample amount of student loans. Or maybe you’re a single parent who has just been laid off due to the difficult economic times and is having trouble making your […]

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The Many Benefits of Online Bankruptcy Counseling (Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Certificate)

Online Bankruptcy Counseling is a pre-filing counseling session that is required for all consumers who are in the beginning stages of filing for bankruptcy relief and for those consumers who’ve not yet received a bankruptcy case number. If you have a bankruptcy case number, then you need the Bankruptcy Education session in order to get your Pre-Discharge […]

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Online Bankruptcy Education

Online Bankruptcy Education is a pre-discharge bankruptcy counseling session that is required for all consumers who have filed for bankruptcy and who have received a bankruptcy case number. You must complete either a face-to-face session, telephone session, or online session within 45 days of your “341 Meeting of Creditors” (hearing). The counseling session will help […]

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