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How to Prepare Your Budget for the Summer

Knowing how to properly manage your finances and stick to a budget you have set in place is not always an easy feat, especially if you are not particularly great when it comes to handling money. With a few tips and resources, prepare your budget for the summer to avoid missing out on savings opportunities […]

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Affordable Ways to Cool Down Your House in the Summer

Summer is here and so is the squelching heat! We are all going to make the most of these few precious months of warmth before the harsh winter rolls in. While it is great to break out in those shorts and flop around the beach or pool in sandals. The fact remains that a house […]

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15 Books to Read this Summer about Money and Debt

Regardless of how one feels about money, it is hard to argue against its influence on people’s lives. This is never more true than with those struggling with finances and debt. There is no shortage of advice on managing money and it can be overwhelming at times, but some financial books have managed to rise […]

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How To Save Money On Valentine’s Day

Hey lovebirds, are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  It’s right around the corner! This special holiday is all about love and showing your significant other how much you care. Consumer spending can usually get a little out of control on this holiday. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to make the day special. […]

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How to Survive Black Friday

Oh, Thanksgiving! What was once a time of family gatherings and being thankful for what the year has brought is now a time to SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! Black Friday is one of the most well-known shopping days in the world. There are many different deals throughout the year at your favorite stores, but none of […]

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