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The Many Benefits of Online Bankruptcy Counseling (Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Certificate)

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Online Bankruptcy Counseling is a pre-filing counseling session that is required for all consumers who are in the beginning stages of filing for bankruptcy relief and for those consumers who’ve not yet received a bankruptcy case number. If you have a bankruptcy case number, then you need the Bankruptcy Education session in order to get your Pre-Discharge Certificate, which is different than the Bankruptcy Counseling session that we are going to cover here.

Our bankruptcy counseling service will help you understand your current financial situation and give you the knowledge necessary to determine if there are other options that are available to you or if bankruptcy really is your best choice. Our online course gives you the ability to begin the session from the privacy and comfort of your own home and at your convenience. The Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling is designed to help the individual in regards to future money management and financial accountability. It will give the consumer some financial confidence that will help them manage their money more economically and help to ensure that they do not repeat their previous financial mistakes.

In all US States, as part of the Bankruptcy Code, the court systems need debtors to effectively complete these counseling sessions and receive a Pre-Filing Certificate. When researching for feasible online bankruptcy counseling, it is imperative to think about the certification made available by taking the online session, the price of the class itself, the range and difficulty of the information covered, and how easily it is to receive your certificate after completion of the session.

When taking an online bankruptcy counseling session, one of the primary considerations is whether or not your local jurisdiction court recognizes them. Typically, a bankruptcy attorney or court clerk in your area will be able to give you a list of institutions or non-profit agencies that offer accredited courses. Make sure that the company or agency that you choose is approved by the Executive Office of the United States Trustee (EOUST). Use these prerequisites when you’re searching for the right online class. It will help reduce the time that is spent in trying to meet all of the bankruptcy code requirements.

After you have decided which non-profit agency or institution to go with, look into the information provided by that credit counseling agency to see what the course topics will be. This is very important, because you’ll want to ensure that the coursework encompasses information that is particularly pertinent to your current situation. The course material should include general financial topics, such as budgeting, money management, understanding the correct use of credit, and consumer protection laws.

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If you are looking for pre-filing bankruptcy counseling, you should consider time constraints. Many people might work full-time and may even have a second job in an effort to try and get out of debt that way. If this is the case for you, it’s a good idea to look into online bankruptcy counseling that will give you access to online course materials, videos, and recorded class sessions.

The online bankruptcy counseling offered by Advantage CCS allows you to complete the educational requirements from the privacy of your own home. You can also study at your own pace, because you can log in and out as often as you’d like. Call us today at 866-699-2227 to find out more information.

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