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White Paper: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Your Credit Report

Advantage CCS has released a new White Paper that is meant to educate consumers on how to properly read a credit report and how maintaining a good credit history is essential to their overall financial standing. The White Paper, explains that individuals with bad credit suffer the consequences of either being totally denied for loans […]

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Don’t Miss Out On Free Consumer Credit Reports

Individuals who think they are too busy to inquire about getting free consumer credit reports or that looking at their credit report at least once a year isn’t important, are missing out on something very essential to their financial health. It only takes a few minutes to request a free copy of an individual’s credit […]

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Why Does My Credit Score Matter?

If you have recently applied for a loan or credit card and you were denied, you might be asking yourself, Why does my credit score even matter? Your credit score is a number that is often used by lenders, creditors, banks, and many others to help evaluate and rate how much of a risk you […]

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