Month: September 2017

Reasons Why Your Credit Score May Drop

Whether you need money to boost your business or meet your daily personal expenses, access to finance will play an important role in helping you get ahead. However, before you apply for financial assistance, you will need to establish whether you are eligible and if you qualify for the financing you need. Today, a good […]

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What you need to know before freezing your credit

Over 143 million Americans had their sensitive personal information exposed to hackers in the recent Equifax data breach. There’s a good chance that you or someone in your household may have been impacted by this historically huge data hack. The bad news: your information is probably already in the hands of hackers that can use […]

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Non-Profit Debt Relief versus For-Profit Debt Relief

There are many different programs available that are designed to help consumers better manage and pay off their debts. Most of these programs can be separated into two distinct categories – non-profit debt relief and for-profit debt relief. Although these programs often have similar features, there is one important aspect that sets them apart. Let’s […]

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Housing Counseling is Helpful in All Stages of Homeownership

The process of homeownership is a complicated one. Searching for a home, choosing a home, deciding to buy it, and maintaining it can be very difficult. Many individuals strive to understand the choices. Purchasing a home without any experience is scary. Many studies have demonstrated that housing counseling and education for homeowners and potential home […]

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