Month: February 2014

Video: Top 10 Warning Signs of Debt

In our latest video, you’ll find friendly Lisa, and she is going to teach you about the top 10 warning signs of debt. We wanted to figure out a way to educate consumers, and we know that a video can do a great job of that. This video is mainly for consumers that may not […]

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What to do if You Default on a Student Loan

It’s possible that you didn’t realize your loan came out of deferment, and you missed some payments. Unfortunately, we see this kind of thing all the time. If you’ve missed even one payment, then you are at risk of defaulting on your student loan. Defaulting on your loan has some serious consequences. However, we’re going […]

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How to Budget Using the Envelope System

You can find a lot of fancy software and online tools to help you budget your money better. However, a lot of people find that the old-school envelope system works out the best for them. Because the envelopes are physical items with cash inside of them, it might be easier to visualize both saving and […]

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