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Pay Down Debt vs Increase Savings

Struggling with debt and not being able to put money away into savings can leave many individuals vulnerable to financial problems. Without any set savings plan or debt help program, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your head above water. Your debt can begin to pile up quickly, and your savings will begin to dwindle […]

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Survey Shows that Only Half of Americans Have a Savings Plan

A survey we conducted showed that 51% of Americans across the country have a savings plan versus 49% who do not. Positive and negative responses to the question: “Do you have a savings plan?” Age Differences Were a Major Factor Although average responses were almost evenly divided, age played a major factor in whether an […]

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Financial Goals

Goals are dreams or wishes that could come true – if you work really hard at them. If your goals are specific enough, they will motivate you to balance your spending and savings in order to reach your objectives. If you don’t set financial goals, you will find yourself saying “I wish I had…” The […]

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