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How to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Many people want to know how to reduce their monthly expenses in order to save money or to make their budget more manageable. If you are like most people, you may spend a pretty penny on your cell phone bill, and you may be wondering how to lower your cell phone bill. While this may […]

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Should You Take Out A 401k Loan?

The High Cost of a 401k Loan – If you are a hard working person that has an emergency, new business venture, or a large purchase that you desire, you may be thinking about borrowing from your 401k plan. Generally, people can borrow money from their 401k plans after a certain amount of time if they […]

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The High Cost of Rent to Own

The concept of rent to own can be very appealing to people with low credit scores and who are short on cash but wish to purchase new electronics, appliances, or furniture. Rent to own stores make it possible to own items that you may not otherwise be able to afford. Because you don’t have to […]

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