Month: May 2015

Everything You Want To Know About A Debt Management Program

We are continuing our goal to become an Agency that is fully transparent and exceptionally informative within our industry. We want to be a thought-leader and the go-to agency for educational information about Credit Counseling and Debt Management Programs. We gave you three new pieces of content about Credit Counseling a few weeks ago, and […]

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Top 10 Money-Saving Tips for Summer

Summer is fast approaching and it can be one of the most expensive seasons because everyone wants to be outside, and they want to do something fun. Having a fun Summer doesn’t mean you have to break your budget. Luckily, when the weather gets warm, the deals get hot. Follow these 10 tips on the best […]

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15 Things You’re Spending Too Much Money On

Some everyday items are a necessity, but others are just out of habit or a want, not a need. There are many ways to ensure that a person stays within the lines of their budget each month. One of the easiest options is to avoid paying too much money for an item when they don’t […]

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Can Debt Collectors Harass You On Social Media?

It seems like everyone is on Facebook or Twitter these days. From the young to the old, a huge majority of people are taking to social media to stay connected with friends and family. What if I told you that’s exactly what some debt collectors are hoping for? Debt collectors who use social media to […]

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