Month: December 2012

Video: All About Advantage Credit Counseling Service, Inc.

This video is a wonderful overview and a close look at Advantage Credit Counseling Service, Inc. As a National Non-Profit credit counseling organization, the Agency provides professional, meaningful and confidential consumer education, credit counseling and develops effective debt management programs for all segments of the community that we serve. The Agency educates consumers about wise money […]

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Credit Counseling and Budget Counseling FAQs

Individuals who are in debt and are thinking about filing for bankruptcy may want to consider alternatives that are available. One alternative is to seek a credit counseling program or a budget counseling program. Counseling can be a tool that allows consumers to help pay off their debt in as little time as possible. 1. […]

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Ways to Save Money on the Holidays Next Year by Starting Today!

You’ve finally finished gift shopping for everyone on your list (maybe), you have the menu all planned out for the big family dinner, and other than cleaning the house or doing other daily chores, you might actually be getting ready to relax and enjoy this holiday season. But don’t let your guard down just yet. If you […]

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