Month: March 2012

Medical Bills and Debt Collection Rules

Going to a doctor or emergency room for needed treatment is gradually becoming more expensive. Many individuals and families are finding that even after insurance coverage pays for many of the costs, high medical bills are still sent to the home. It is not always easy to manage payments on the bills and delinquent accounts […]

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Credit Management Tips and Advice

Your  credit score is not something you can instantly fix and then see immediate results. Credit scores are like your driving record with all of your past mistakes clearly visible. The credit bureaus take into account years of past behavior, not just your present actions. Many negative or bad marks could stay on your credit […]

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Single? Here’s How to Cut the Costs of Living Alone!

When trying to save money and sticking to a budget are your top priorities, it can be difficult when you’re single. While living alone brings more independence, a big disadvantage is that there’s no one to share the bills with. It’s up to you and you alone when those bills are due. Being single presents […]

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