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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Which day has the Best Deals?

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Everyone has heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday by now. This 2014 holiday shopping season will see 180 million people spend around $82 billion. That’s an average spend of $683.33 per person, not per family or household, that’s per person!

Black Friday includes Thanksgiving Day and basically all of this week. Cyber Monday deals start on Monday Dec. 1st or maybe even sooner than that this year. I’m going to try and help you save some money so you can be well under that scary average. But the BIG question is: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday – Which day has the better deals?

Check out this amazing website that scours the Internet for the best deals out there:

Black Friday Deals:

Some electronics such as tablets, iPods, iPads, Beats headphones, DVDs, and video games are already on sale, and it will be hard to find cheaper prices on Cyber Monday for these things. Other electronics that could be a great deal are laptops, HDTVs, cell phones, and cameras. Garden items and kitchen items are also a good bet for Black Friday deals. Remember to check your local newspaper, look for TV ads, and radio advertisements, and also look online.

A great Black Friday deal is usually found in-store only and with that comes: waiting in long lines, not finding your item because it’s sold out, dealing with grumpy people, and let’s not even think about the parking situation. But if you can handle all of that then you are in for a treat and should find some amazing deals this year. Check out

Black Friday shopping is NOT for the faint of heart. Shopping on this day has gone beyond the normal holiday sales. Stores are opening at midnight or even sooner than that. They promise big door buster deals and other ways to entice the consumers. Limited numbers of items are available at reduced prices that send shoppers to the stores on Thanksgiving night to wait in long lines before the store even opens.

If you’re going to shop on Black Friday, start your research now. There are numerous Black Friday emails, websites, and Smartphone Apps that offer sneak peeks at retailers’ Black Friday deals. This will help you not only compare prices, but also determine your shopping list.

Your gift list should be as detailed as possible. Include everyone you’re shopping for, what you plan on buying, the store where you plan on buying it, and the price listed in the advertisement. In your pre-shopping research, you should be able to compare prices and find what store has the best deal.

The next step in your strategy should be to determine where you’re shopping and in what order you’ll be hitting those stores. Are there any door busters you’ll be buying? If so, be mindful of the time the prices will be available. Stores will usually only give door buster deals between certain times, i.e. 6 am to 8 am.

Here’s some practical advice on executing your Black Friday shopping plan:

  • Be prepared for long lines! In very popular stores, it can take hours to get to the checkout.
  • It’s worth the wait for a shopping cart. Don’t try holding everything in your arms.
  • Dress appropriately and in layers. You may have to wait outside and with all those people crowded around; it could become rather hot in some stores.
  • Do a quick review of the store’s layout beforehand. Is it possible to pick up the items you want while you are waiting in line? This will keep you from wandering around, and it will save you time!
  • Be pleasant with your fellow shoppers. Have fun! If you’re stressed out, Black Friday shopping is not the place for you. Try shopping online on Cyber Monday.
  • Do lots of price comparisons before you head out to the stores, including price-checking reputable online retailers. Know exactly where you want to go and for what before you head out the door.
  • Make sure to keep your cash and/or credit cards in a secure location and never leave your purse or wallet unattended!

Cyber Monday Deals:

Cyber Monday has seen some changes in the past few years and deals can now be found even before Monday even hits. Music and movies from and Google Play are something to consider for Cyber Monday deals. You should also check out tools, garden equipment, office furniture, clothing and apparel, shoes, Pyrex baking dishes, stainless steel pots, cutlery, outerwear, anything from Groupon, and Crocs to name just a few.

There are many pros to shopping on Cyber Monday, and it’s not all just about the great deals. It’s easier and faster than going out on Black Friday and dealing with the crowds. If you were busy with family or travel on Black Friday and missed the in-store sales Cyber Monday gives you another opportunity to take advantage of reductions. You can easily compare prices online and make sure you are getting the best deal possible. You can shop at home in your pj’s, from work (just keep it to your lunch break), or while waiting for the plumber or cable guy to arrive. You don’t need to lug the kids around with you to every store or get a babysitter to shop in peace.

Check out this great website for some awesome Cyber Monday deals:

Thanksgiving Day Deals (if you aren’t opposed to shopping on a holiday):

For the 2nd straight year, Thanksgiving Day deals will most likely beat out Black Friday deals. By now, most of us should be accustom to the idea of retailers opening their doors early on Thanksgiving Day. What some people don’t realize is that the deals that you will see on Thursday will be better than those released on Black Friday, in most cases

So if you aren’t opposed to shopping on a holiday and making people leave their food and families to work then you might score some amazing deals. It’s a big social debate on whether retail stores should open up on Thanksgiving Day. There are many people who are against that idea, but also just as many who like to save money and who are all for it.


Whether you shop on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday there are so many great deals out there, and you are sure to find everything on your wish list. If you get easily agitated or upset about long lines, lots of people and trouble finding parking then Black Friday shopping may not be the place for you it might be better to wait until Cyber Monday. Usually, retailers offer special online only deals on that day and sometimes they even include free shipping or look for a “free shipping” Promo codes.

Whatever your shopping method may be, remember it’s not the gift you give or receive that makes a holiday special…it’s the time spent with family and friends. For more money saving tips on holiday decorations, gifts, and stocking-stuffers be sure to check out the Advantage CCS blog.


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