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White Paper: Debt Settlement vs. Debt Management Program

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Do you find yourself struggling to pay the bills each month or cover your monthly expenses because of credit card debt? If the answer is yes, there are some ways for you to get some financial relief. Debt can feel crippling and overwhelming, but through resources such as non-profit credit counseling and debt relief programs, individuals can get out of debt and regain control over their lives. Two of the most common solutions to debt crisis are Debt Settlement and Debt Management Programs. Although they both aim to reduce the overall amount of money consumers are required to pay back to their lenders, they are vastly different in their approach and end results.

Please see below for a wonderful Whitepaper from Advantage Credit Counseling Service to gain a better perspective and understanding of these two debt relief plans, and then contact Advantage CCS for more debt help ideas and solutions. The call is completely free and confidential. Let us help get that debt monkey off your back today!

Whitepaper: Debt Settlement vs. Debt Management Programs by AdvantageCCS

Author: Lauralynn Mangis
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