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It’s not a secret that a lot of Americans are struggling right now with handling their debt. The pandemic and economic meltdown have hit some people hard. More people than ever before are out of work or closing down their small businesses. Times are undoubtedly tough right now, but free online credit counseling can help!

If you feel that you require some debt relief options or you want to get your finances back in great shape, then look no further because Advantage CCS has the only start-to-finish, fully-integrated, FREE, online Credit Counseling System out there. This is the first counseling system of its kind to provide truly personalized debt relief advice and suggest (if appropriate) whether a Debt Management Program (DMP) is right for you. Our online credit counseling gives you the ability to start getting your finances in order and can help you on the path to becoming debt-free.

Our intelligent “decision-based” online Credit Counseling System is free, secure, confidential, easy to use, and accessible 24/7 from any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. The system will provide you with personalized and customized debt counseling advice, recommendations, tips, and ideas on saving money and cutting back on expenses. Many helpful resource links will be provided throughout the Action Plan.

Online Credit Counseling Benefits:

  • 100% FREE with no obligations
  • Begin the credit counseling session in the privacy of your own home
  • Enter your income, expenses, and debts to view your complete budget
  • Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Completely secure and confidential
  • Receive an Action Plan with tips, suggestions, and helpful advice
  • The “Decision Engine” in the program will let you know if a DMP may be an option
  • Financial overview of your information reviewed by one of our Certified Credit Counselors

This proprietary online credit counseling system will take you step-by-step to complete the information necessary for our system to analyze your entire financial situation. You will be asked to enter information such as your contact info, all income avenues, monthly expenses, credit card debt, secured loans such as mortgages or car loans, and more.

After your household budget has been created, the system will generate a customized and personalized Action Plan. This 20+ page Action Plan contains a full budget analysis, balance sheet, pie chart, and your personal debt reduction suggestions, tips, ideas, and other helpful resource links.

Get Started With a Free Debt Analysis

We make it easy on mobile or desktop. FREE with no obligations.

Our system will analyze the data you have provided and present a quality recommendation on whether or not a Debt Management Program (DMP) may help you and how. Suppose the system determines that a DMP may be an option. In that case, it will then provide a comparison of your current creditor payment obligations versus an estimate of what your monthly payment would look like on a Debt Management Program. You’ll be able to see the savings for yourself.

If you feel that a Debt Management Program is right for you, one of our certified counselors will contact you within one business day to schedule a brief, no-obligation, follow-up telephone call. The purpose of this phone call is to ensure that all of the information that you’ve provided is accurate and to explain to you the details of how our agency’s Debt Management Program works and whether the program is appropriate for your current situation. The counselor will answer any questions you may have about the program or how it works. He or she will also explain the steps needed to begin the program if you decide you’d like to sign up for it. There’s no obligations and zero “sales pressure” during this call. It’s all about getting you the help you need.

We Are Always Here To Help  –

When you are deep in debt, all of the fun is taken right out of life. Debt problems cause a lot of stress. It’s usually difficult to sleep, and you wonder if you’ll ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. A debt management program can provide you with reasonable, real-world solutions to get you out of debt and, most importantly, to stay out of debt. Thousands of people have already discovered what online credit counseling and a Debt Management Program can do for them. We’ve been helping people get out of debt since 1968, and we can help you too!

What To Expect With Our Online System –

Our online credit counseling system has been meticulously tested using the most popular Smartphones and tablets available on the market. The system was developed by Arsenal Studios using the latest mobile-friendly technology called Angular. Angular is an open-source front-end web application platform led by the Angular Team at Google, and it has the best cutting-edge technology available today. Unlike other online credit counseling systems that just ask questions but don’t provide any real feedback or personal debt relief advice, our free online credit counseling system is so much more than that. Our system utilizes super easy-to-use sliders, or you can choose to type right in a number field if you don’t like using the slider feature. We even offer a quick pop-up “tutorial” about how to use the sliders and number fields for any first-time users.

How The System Works  –

Income – We’ll ask about your income and the income of your spouse and/or partner. You can also list Other Types of Income, such as child/spousal support, pension/retirement, social security, unemployment compensation, etc.

Expenses – In this portion of the system, you’ll enter all monthly household expenditures such as housing, utilities, transportation, insurance costs, medical costs, savings, retirement, etc. The expenses section is kind of like a “catch-all” for everything you would spend money on each month, including your mortgage or rent, utilities like electricity and water/sewage, car insurance, gasoline, public transportation, groceries, toiletries, childcare costs, tuition, entertainment, personal grooming (haircuts or nails), gym memberships, pets, subscription services, gifts, etc.

Creditors – The Loans and Creditors screens are two very important sections because a lot of the “decision-based” technology within the credit counseling system is based on this information. This is where the system will be able to find out how we can truly help you. You’ll enter unsecured debt such as credit cards, collection accounts, finance company accounts, medical debt, etc.

Summary – On the Summary screen, you can check out your Budget Totals and make sure everything is correct. You can go back and edit any section that you think is incorrect or if you’ve forgotten something or entered in a wrong number by mistake.

Results – On this screen, you’ll see the end results of your mobile counseling session! You’ll clearly see if our Debt Management Program might be a good option for you. We’ll show you your current debt payment info versus the proposed debt management program payment info.

This is a side-by-side comparison of several important key factors. We will display the Total Monthly Payment Amount, Total Months to Payoff, Total Interest Saved, and the Total Repayment Amount. The system will also calculate your estimated Total Monthly Savings Amount while on a Debt Management Program.

Action Plan – You can check out your customized 20+ page Action Plan. You can view the Action Plan on your mobile phone browser, as a printable PDF, and it will also be emailed to you so you can view it anytime you want. The Action Plan will break down your budget information into easy-to-understand categories with totals for each section, including total income, total expenses, and what your monthly overage or shortfall is. There’s even a pie chart that puts each category into percentages.

The Action Plan will also display an analysis showing the possible benefits of the Debt Management Program (DMP). Many creditors are willing to provide certain concessions such a granting interest rate reductions, stopping collection calls, and waiving fees. These concessions may provide a means of getting out of debt in a reasonable time frame and avoiding bankruptcy. The Action Plan also contains very helpful advice, suggestions, tips, and resources that can help you better manage your finances. We provide many supportive website links for programs and agencies that might provide you with extra assistance.

What Happens Next?

Why not try our online credit counseling system out for yourself? It’s 100% free, and there’s NO obligations or pressure of any kind. As a Non-Profit Credit Counseling Organization, we educate consumers about wise debt management and the responsible use of credit. The agency enlightens and assists thousands of people each year through free and confidential credit counseling, debt management programs, and so much more!

If you want to learn more about our online credit counseling and debt management program, or if you have any financial concerns, reach out to Advantage CCS today for assistance. Call us directly at 1-866-699-2227 or visit our website to Live Chat with a representative.

Here’s a direct link to our free online credit counseling system: CLICK HERE

Author: Lauralynn Mangis
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