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The Affordable Care Act, or Health Care Act, was designed to put you in charge of your healthcare services, instead of allowing the insurance companies to make all of the important decisions. By utilizing some key features and regulations, it gives you the ability to choose what kind of coverage you receive, how much you will pay, and what rights you will have under that coverage.

One of the main features of the Affordable Care Act is the Consumer Assistance Program. Through this program you can receive help at a state level to enroll in coverage as well as file complaints and appeals if you are denied payment for any type of healthcare service. There may be preventative healthcare services you are eligible for that you have never known about because your insurance company did not make you aware. Consumer Assistance will provide you with this information, as well as give you a “Patient’s Bill of Rights” that helps you get informed about your rights as a healthcare consumer.

There are other important features you have the right to under the Affordable Care Act. Children under the age of 19 cannot be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and you cannot have your coverage suddenly cancelled because your insurance company finds a mistake on application materials. The Act also gives you the ability to choose to see any doctor you wish, whether they are part of a network or not.

Another important aspect of the Healthcare Act is that it gives you more options when choosing the type of insurance coverage you want and need. There is a Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan for those that have a chronic condition or disability and were denied coverage under regular insurance options. If you are under the age of 26 and cannot get insurance coverage on your own, you may instead be able to get coverage from a parent’s insurance plan if they have a suitable type.

Seniors can benefit from the Affordable Care Act in several ways. Once again, it provides information about preventative services that can be found at little or no cost to the covered senior citizen. Those that are on Medicare and are finding trouble getting all of their prescription medications covered can find assistance with discounts and rebates as well.

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It can be difficult for small businesses to provide adequate healthcare options for employees because of high costs. However, the Healthcare Act seeks to make it easier for any size company to provide proper benefits. They may even receive tax credits for providing these insurance plans.

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