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Illinois Credit Counseling is Now Available

Illinois credit counseling

The Illinois credit counseling industry has a new competitor: Advantage CCS. Consumer Credit Counseling is a process that involves providing education and advice to individuals about how to avoid incurring more unsecured debt, like with credit cards. Credit Counseling is often characterized by sessions of credit education and reviews the psychology of the consumer’s spending habits. Consumer Credit Counseling establishes a planned method of debt relief, typically through a Debt Management Program.

Debt Management Program Explanation:

Oftentimes, credit counseling will involve negotiating with the client’s creditors to set up a Debt Management Program (DMP) between the creditors and the client. The Debt Management Program could help the client repay their unsecured debt by working out a new repayment plan with each creditor. Debt Management Programs, usually offer reduced monthly payments. It is possible for creditors to sometimes lower interest rates as well. Certified credit counselors have to refer to the terms dictated by each of the creditors to determine monthly payments or interest amounts.

Advantage CCS History and Services:

Advantage Credit Counseling Service offers free consumer credit counseling sessions to anyone located in Illinois and throughout the US. The Agency is currently licensed in 41 states and is working very hard to become licensed in all 50 states before the end of 2013.

If you reside in Illinois or any of the 41 states that Advantage CCS does business in and you’re struggling with debt, give Advantage CCS a call today. We also offer a free state-of-the-art online credit counseling system if you prefer that approach. You are more than welcome to visit one of our six locations for some face-to-face counseling.

Advantage CCS also offers a Debt Management Program, Bankruptcy services, Housing Counseling, a Credit Report Review service, and much more. Whatever your financial needs may be, Advantage CCS is here to help. We are a Non-Profit organization that has been assisting consumers since 1968 with their financial problems. We work with all income levels and all financial situations. After being around for over 40 years, we’ve pretty much seen and heard it all, so rest assured that we can help you with your situation too!


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