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How to Reuse Old Clothes to Save Money

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Most people want to find different ways of saving money to make extra room in their budget for other types of expenses. Reusing old clothes is an ideal way of changing up your wardrobe and avoid spending more on new pieces.

As we turn over our closets to prepare for each season, we’re often left with a pile of clothes from said closet that are no longer wearable and they’re too old or damaged to donate. Instead of hauling piles of old clothes to the dumpster, consider reusing and repurposing them.

There are countless ways you can reuse your old clothes to get the most out of every dollar you spent on them. Consider the following ideas for yourself, gifts for others, or even to sell for a small profit.

Make Clothing Patches –

You can use the material from an old shirt or a jean jacket to use for patches that will cover up holes that are present on a pair of pants. You can salvage other types of clothing that you own if they’ve become worn or have ripped with the use of patches that can extend the lifespan of the item. Choose a material that is the same color shade to ensure that the patch blends in with the rest of the item or be funky and add some crazy splashes of color or fun patterns.

Create Cleaning Rags –

One of the oldest – and easiest – ways to reuse old clothes is to turn them into cleaning rags. Old clothes, particularly old flannels, and soft t-shirts make excellent rags for all-purpose cleaning. They are absorbent, spongy, and lint-free, so they are great for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and really just about anywhere. Instead of spending money on cleaning cloths to dust your furniture or wipe down your countertops, you can create your own cloths that will save you money by allowing you to reuse a t-shirt or socks that you no longer wear. The cloths can also be used to dust off your car throughout the week in between washes to keep it maintained and looking new. Making the rags is simple: Just cut or tear and start cleaning!

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DIY Unique Toys –

Your softest old threads also make excellent materials for toys. Grab patterns from your local craft store to create a unique collection of stuffed animals. And while you are working on items for the little ones in your life, give new life to old t-shirts and turn them into soft, durable and original rompers for babies and toddlers. A quick Internet search can get you started on how to pattern, cut, and sew your very own DIY romper designs. Rompers are all the rage right now too!

Instead of spending a lot to keep your kids occupied during the day, you can create a fun collection of stuffed animals for your little ones. You can also get creative by adding buttons onto the eyes or small clothing items for the animals that are made from the old clothing that is no longer needed. The items can also be given as gifts to your family members and friends for baby showers when you want to give a unique product that is original.

Resize for Younger Siblings –

Save money by using overalls or pajamas from older children and resizing them for the younger kids in the family with a hand-me-down item that can be used again. Casual dresses can be hemmed for younger children or even made into a shirt.

Turn them Into a Quilt or Work of Art –

If you like to sew or want to practice sewing, maybe try making a quilt out of old t-shirts. If you collect t-shirts from events such as concerts or sporting events, you could put them together and make a memory quilt. Also, old bed comforters and bed sheets are wonderful materials to use. You can also try your hand at making appliqués or wall hangings for decorations in your house.

Make New Pillows –

You can save money on your home’s decor by making new pillows from old jackets and tops. The pillows will add fun prints or color shades to your couch or beds and will create a new setting with the materials that are used. Find items in your wardrobe that are worn or have holes or stains to be used to stuff the pillows to make them look full and comfortable to use. The pillows can also be used to offer support when you’re driving in your car and want to reduce the risk of back pain that can develop while sitting. You won’t have to spend a significant amount of money on a professional pillow by making your own with materials that are already in your possession.

Re-Wear in a New Way –

There is no skill required to turn old clothes into rags, but if you are willing to try your hand at crafting and design work, you can get a lot of mileage out of your garments. For people who can sew at even just a beginner’s level, options for reuse are plentiful. Create your own scarves, hats, and mittens for winter, or even everyday accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, headbands, and belts.

With just a few snips, some stuffing, and a needle and thread, you can turn your old clothes into one of- a-kind cushions, throw pillows or dog beds. Show off your creativity and encourage others to recycle and go green by turning your old tees or skirts into reusable shopping bags or even purses and tote bags. Here are a few easy and great ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/489907265692711243/

Conclusion –

Reusing your old clothes is just one of the ways you can save money in today’s difficult economic climate. If you are looking for more ways to cut expenses and set a household budget, contact Advantage Credit Counseling Service. The professionals at Advantage CCS can work with you on a variety of budgeting strategies to help you make the best financial decisions for you and your family.

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