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Millions of Americans deal with debt every single day. The most common cause of debt is due to having too many credit cards, but it isn’t as easy as cutting up your credit cards or avoiding using them altogether. Many people use their credit cards because it is a quick and effortless way for them to make larger purchases or pay bills. The average person living in California owes roughly $7,342.08 in credit card debt, so credit counseling can be an ideal way for them to reclaim their finances and get themselves back on track.

What is Credit Counseling –

Credit counseling is a form of debt relief, as it enables you to work closely with a counseling agency that will then work with your creditors. These agencies work in two different ways. They will first help to lower the interest rates on the amount that you owe thus saving you money and they will help you come to an agreement with your creditors on what they will accept as a new monthly payment. Next, they will act as the middle man, and you will pay the agency one monthly payment and the agency will handle your debts for you, keeping this issue off your own shoulders. The one monthly payment that you give to the agency will be disbursed to your creditors based on the agreements or proposals that both the creditor and yourself must sign and agree to.

Why You Need to Consider this Option –

The reason you need to consider credit counseling and a debt management program is that it can be difficult to handle debts on your own especially if you owe a very large sum or have numerous credit cards. One of the main issues people have is that they simply owe too much and to too many different companies. This can leave them feeling overwhelmed and unable to pay off amounts before they become delinquent. If you’re constantly being hounded down by creditors, it’s time to consider credit counseling for your own benefit.

How it Works for You –

The way this work is by you speaking with a credit counseling agency and allowing them to handle and service your debts for you. They will need any and all information pertaining to your outstanding debts, so this is something that you will need to provide to them as soon as you possibly can. For individuals living in California, there are tons of options available to meet your needs and get you the relief that you so desperately need. Almost all reputable credit counseling agencies will offer in-person, telephone, and online credit counseling and will allow you to sign up for their debt management program if all parties agree it’s a good fit and makes sense for your current situation.

Lowered Interest Rates –

The beauty about a debt management program is that it allows you to have lowered interest rates, waived or reduced fees, and only one monthly payment. If you are going through an agency, you will only have one amount that’s due each month and that is paid to the credit counseling agency directly. They will then disperse the proper amount to your creditors in an even and timely manner, ensuring that all of your bills get paid by the end of the month. This makes the process of paying off your debts a lot less overwhelming, and you will get those debts paid off in a timely manner while saving money because of the reduced interest rates.

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Direct Work with a Counseling Agency –

Credit counseling professionals are there to help you get the debt relief that you need. It can be difficult and problematic for you to constantly live under the burden of debt. You might not think of anything else day and night because of how much you owe to different companies. One of the best ways to get some form of relief is to contact an agency and begin working with experts. They are the ones who will directly contact your creditors to come to an agreement of what you owe and what you are able to pay. This can reduce the amount that you owe overall because of lower interest rates and waived fees and it will enable you to get out of debt much more quickly than you could on your own.

Debt Management Program Helps –

Advantage Credit Counseling Service helps families and individuals facing bankruptcy or financial conflict. We offer free credit counseling to California families or individuals who may be enduring a hardship or financial difficulty. We are a trustworthy, reputable, and professionally-trained credit counseling agency with services available for all California residents. We specialize in helping families and people get out of debt and avoid declaring bankruptcy. We’re a licensed non-profit credit counseling agency that’s been assisting consumers since 1968.

Advantage’s credit counseling program is specifically created to help you come up with a game plan to eliminate your debt and get your life back on track. We closely examine your spending habits, your credit history, your overall expenses, and your income. Our credit counseling services are available in California and in almost every other state within the United States. We are available 24/7 to give you the support and guidance that you deserve.

Student Loans –

As college costs continue to rise twice as fast as general inflation, each new class graduates with even more student loan debt. Student loan debt has now surpassed credit card debt in the United States. In a recent report, 7 in 10 college seniors (69%) who graduated from public and nonprofit colleges had significant student loan debt. Californians have an average of $21,382 in student loan debt as reported by College Insight. These unsustainable levels of debt lead to hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies each year. In 2016 alone, over 80,000 individuals (non-business) filed for personal bankruptcy in the state of California.

Student loan debt can lead a person to file for bankruptcy because they think it will wipe out their debt. However, bankruptcy will very rarely get rid of student loan debt. It may help get rid of credit card debt which could free up some money to help pay off your student loans. But most bankruptcies, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, will not get rid of your student loan debt.

Credit Card Debt –

Californians have large amounts of debt in many forms, so it’s no surprise that the average CA resident carries thousands of dollars in credit card debt each year. California’s average household credit card debt is hovering around $7,342.08. It is lower than Alaska’s average at $8,604.19, but also much higher than Iowa’s average at $4,410.43 in credit card debt for the average household.

California has a statute of limitations of 4 years for all debts except those made with oral contracts. For oral contracts, the statute of limitations is only 2 years. This means that for common unsecured debts like credit card debt, lenders cannot attempt to collect debts that are more than 4 years past due.

Housing Troubles –

It is no secret that the economy is currently facing significant adversity and uncertainty. The California subprime housing market has caused a substantial amount of people and families to lose their homes and go into foreclosure. This economic disaster has resulted in a plethora of negative repercussions that have affected the credit scores and financial backgrounds of millions of people. The average Californian owes around $305,000 in mortgage debt, surpassing every other state in the country.

In California, public housing is administered directly through local Public Housing Authorities (PHAs). For help in seeking Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV, formerly Section 8) or other public housing services, to find phone numbers, email addresses, or mailing addresses for your local PHA – Click Here.

Get Debt Help in California –

Our credit counseling agency helps people who are in need of financial guidance. Each credit counseling program that is available to California residents will be professionally tailored to fit your personal situation. We will help you work out a debt repayment plan that can get rid of your financial deficit if you wish to enroll in a Debt Management Plan.

Advantage’s credit counseling services use time-tested and proven methods that help consumers gain control over their lives and finances. Advantage Credit Counseling Service is a nationally licensed and recognized credit counseling agency that really cares about its clients – that’s why our credit counseling services are always free.

Advantage CCS is a credit counseling agency that provides services to California residents and offers real solutions for anyone who is facing a financial dilemma. We want to help you get out of debt and get your life back on track.

Conclusion –

No one likes to live under a sea of debt. It might feel like no sooner you get one credit card paid off, you have another one that is requiring you to pay. The constant creditor calls can be difficult to handle and cause you to feel bad about the situation that you’re in. There are lots of professionals out there who are willing and waiting to help with this process to get you free of debt and back on track. Advantage CCS is one of those professionals so please contact us today for assistance!

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