Today in the world we live in people are having a hard time managing their money and keeping track of their monthly expenses. Sometimes the money that we are spending is necessary, but other times we can prevent impulse buys and put an end to over-spending if we try hard.

In most cases, a person without money is without it because of their spending habits on all the little things that add up over time. The end result of spending an extra $1 here or $2 there can add up to hundreds over the course of a month depending on your daily spending habits. If a person wants to have more money in their pockets then that individual should look at different ways to save money.

Here are 6 ways to save a dollar a day and hopefully a lot of money over time:

1. Save On Your Cell Phone Bill

Although there are plans that allow for unlimited minutes or unlimited texting, not all people have this specific plan. By using your Wi-Fi at home or in places that offer free Wi-Fi to send messages or even video chat, you will save money on your monthly cell phone bill. The Wi-Fi in your home is already available to you, so use that instead of your minutes and you will save money daily on your bill. There are Smartphone Apps that help you find free Wi-Fi: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/free-wi-fi-finder/id307217005?mt=8 or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jiwire.android.finder&hl=en

2. Drop The Name Brands

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We’ve all been to the grocery store before and have seen the prices for the brand named items. Even though they are popular and preferred, it is understandable that they do cost more than the generic brand. Instead of picking up that $3 bottle of Pepsi it can help you to save money by picking up the generic cola brand drink or item. If you take a close look at the ingredients in both items, more often than not, they are indistinguishable. So why spend more money on the name brand?

3. Don’t Toss Out Your Spare Change

When using cash for purchases it is common to get change back whether it is a quarter, dime, nickel or a penny. After the course of many purchases, a person can gain up to 5% on the purchases they made or more by keeping their change. Do not toss your change around or away, instead save your coins to help put money back into your pocket.

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4. Get Control Over Your App Habits

Most Smartphone users love downloading new applications to their device or playing games on their phones. An app can be free at times, but sometimes they will either charge something for applications or features on the app. Although a simple dollar may be used for the application understand it is not necessary, simply avoid paying that extra money to purchase the app or for the “in game features” while playing. Here’s a great list of FREE Apps: http://www.pcmag.com/category2/0,2806,2366353,00.asp

5. Sign Up For FREE Reward Cards

If you find yourself shopping at a particular store frequently then getting reward cards can help you to save money on your shopping. An example of this type of card is the Advantage Card at Giant Eagle or the MVP card at Kroger’s that can help you save money on your purchases that you make at the store. Almost any store you go to will offer some form of a free rewards card, but you may have to ask if you don’t see it being advertised. Utilizing a rewards card can add up over time to show you on your receipt how much you have saved by using it daily and monthly. Some cards even help you save money on other things like gas.

6. Opt Out Of Delivery Options

Places that offer delivery will usually put the extra charge for the delivery process on the total purchase price. When ordering from a local store, choose to pick up your order rather than having extra delivery charges placed on your total purchase price. This can save money from the charges and also on the tip that may be given to the delivery driver. A perfect example is going to pick up your pizza from the local pizza place instead of having it delivered. When you have food delivered sure it’s convenient, but ultimately you are paying for that convenience with the extra charges and tips.

There are so many ways to save a dollar a day, and even more if we just stop and think before making a purchase or bringing out the plastic. I know a ton of people that say “but it’s just a buck” or “it’s only one dollar” and they spend their money frivolously, but those dollars will start to add up to some pretty big savings.

If you are hoping to create a financial cushion for yourself, then these 6 tips are the perfect way to help you get started. If you are looking to get rid of your credit card debt as well, then give us a call today. The phone call is completely free and confidential. We’ve been helping people reach their financial goals since 1968. Our toll-free number is 1-866-699-2227, or you can visit us online at: https://www.advantageccs.org/services/credit-counseling

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Author: Lauralynn Mangis
Lauralynn is the Online Marketing Specialist for AdvantageCCS. She is married and has two young daughters. She enjoys writing, reading, hiking, cooking, video games, sewing, and gardening. Lauralynn has a degree in Multimedia Technologies from Pittsburgh Technical College.