15 Fun Hobbies That Can Make You Money In Your Free Time

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Everybody has a hobby, which are things people love doing during their spare time for fulfillment. While most people don’t practice their hobbies to make money, some can be converted to a steady source of income, either as the primary income earner or as a side hustle.

Some of these hobbies include:

Music –

This is one of the most commercialized hobbies. People can record and sell songs or make short music videos or audios and post them on social media. Alternatively, they can create various sounds like beats or samples that are not complete songs. Finally, they can become music teachers for eager students.

Writing –

There are limitless ways people can make money by writing. One of them is freelance writing, which has become of the most common side hustles for people worldwide. A person who enjoys writing can get different writing jobs on sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

They can also reach out to businesses and blogs to help write marketing or product blogs for them. Eventually, they can create their own blog, which is a better income source when Ads are placed on the blog.

Carpentry –

People with woodworking skills can open a business to make or repair furniture. They can also make videos showing people how to make different wood arts and use carpentry tools. They can also specialize in restoring antique furniture, one of the most rewarding woodworking jobs.

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Gaming –

One of the hobbies with the easiest income is live-streaming on platforms like Twitch, where gamers can make money by sharing ads.

Fitness –

Fitness enthusiasts can start a gym, become a trainer, make fitness videos, or start a business selling fitness equipment.

Watching pets –

One popular way people make money with pets is by starting a pet grooming service. People can also start a business to watch and walk people’s pets as they work.

Cooking and baking –

There are various ways people can make money from cooking and baking. One of the most common ones is starting a food truck or bakery to sell the things they make. They can also write cookbooks or create recipe videos and post them on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Finally, they can start a food blog where they make different foods, review the recipe and taste, and then take pictures of the food to add to the blog.

Photography –

Photographers can open accounts on Shutterstock or Flickr and then post their photos for users to access throughout the web. They can also provide professional photography services for individuals or events.

Comedy –

People who make people laugh can make memes and funny videos and post them on social media platforms. They can also do standup comedies in clubs or restaurants.

Gardening –

One common way to make money from gardening is selling one’s produce in flea markets, farmer’s markets, or road side stands. A gardener can also set a stand beside their garden if they have a large farm and offer services like corn mazes or berry picking.

They can also grow flowers and other bushes to help pope with landscaping or sell houseplants. Finally, they can offer gardening services like planting flowers, trimming, and weeding.

Painting –

With painting skills, people can make art to sell or start a business to paint people’s houses and businesses, especially those who want murals and drawings. They can also make NFTS one of the hottest digital assets.

Shopping –

Many people love shopping, and some even consider it therapeutic. Instead of spending money, people can make money while shopping the whole day and satisfy their shopping cravings. The first way is to shop for people and deliver to their houses, whether groceries or electronics.

Another way is mystery shopping, where a shopper goes into a store and reports about the customer care and how well the people there run the store.

Flying drones –

Drones have come in different sizes and technologies, and people who enjoy flying them can use them to take aerial photographs. They can also use them to shoot aerial videos of places or offer their services to people making music videos.

Social media –

People who love spending time on social media can manage social media accounts for different businesses and help them engage more with their clients.

Doing makeup –

Some way to make money with makeup skills is to start offering makeup services for individuals or events like weddings and parties. People can also make videos reviewing makeup products and makeup tutorials.

Conclusion – 

There are many ways that someone can turn their hobby or other skills into income. You’ll have to do some research and see what’s already happening in your “niche” but when you’re doing something you love and enjoy, it feels a lot less like actual work. Have fun while making some extra income!



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Author: Lauralynn Mangis
Lauralynn is the Online Marketing Specialist for Advantage CCS. She is married and has two young daughters. She enjoys writing, reading, hiking, cooking, video games, sewing, and gardening. Lauralynn has a degree in Multimedia Technologies from Pittsburgh Technical College.