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10 Amazing Ways To Save Money On Electronics

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People can’t seem to live without their electronic devices these days. The latest gadgets are great for entertainment and social networking, but they are often very expensive. Fortunately, consumers can avoid going into debt and save money on their electronic devices if they keep a few things in mind.

As we mentioned, electronics are expensive and nowadays it seems like everybody wants to buy the latest and greatest thing out there. Companies are constantly coming out with new models, updated versions, better add-ons, etc. and consumers just can’t get enough of the upgrades and new features. All that upgrading and purchasing of new electronics can really hurt your wallet and bust your budget to pieces. We’re going to share a few tips and tricks with you to help you save money!

Here are a few ways that you can save on electronics:

1. Don’t Replace Perfectly Good Electronics –

If an electronic device is still doing its job, there is no reason to spend money on a replacement just because the next model came out. The novelty of owning a bigger, faster, or trendier device will quickly get old, so people should ask themselves if they really need new electronics before they purchase them.

2. Buy Older Models –

The latest version of any device is always the most expensive. The iPhone is a well-known example of this fact. Prices of older iPhone models always go down whenever Apple announces the release of the newest model. Consumers can save money by taking advantage of these price trends. Another good way to save on electronics is to find a reputable vendor that refurbishes and resells older models. It’s really hard to tell the difference between an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 7, but the price tag is very different!

3. Buy at the Right Time –

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the week after Christmas always offer some good deals on electronics, but people can also save during less busy times of the year. January is a good time to buy TVs. March, April, and September are the best months for finding digital camera deals. Both desktop and laptop computers tend to go on sale in the springtime, and people can also find bargains on desktops in the late autumn. Keep an eye out for deals that fall on holidays too like President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, etc.

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4. Buy Mid-Range Accessories –

Electronic devices usually require a lot of accessories and additional parts. The best way to save money on things like memory cards, batteries, headphones, and cables is to buy mid-range products. The most prestigious brands charge much more for accessories that aren’t much better than the more humble models. The cheapest products, such as phone charger cables sold in dollar stores, frequently break or don’t even work in the first place, so skip those and pay a little extra for something that works and will last you a long time.

5. Don’t Waste Money While Using Electronic Devices –

Accessories and parts aren’t the only things that cost electronic users their hard earned money. Electronic devices will waste electricity and lead to higher power costs if the owner isn’t careful. Unplugging devices that are not in use is the easiest thing that people can do to keep their electric bills down. Laptop and cell phone users should remove their charging cables as soon as these devices are fully charged. You should even unplug your kitchen appliances or other household electronics when you aren’t using them.

6. Buy Refurbished Electronics –

Refurbished items are often restored to be as good as new, all while carrying much lower prices. As the definition of refurbished can vary between stores, it is important to know exactly what has been done to the item before purchasing it. Similarly, if you do not require the absolute latest technology, you can find big discounts on discontinued or older versions of products in the clearance section of most stores or even online.

7. Buy Floor or Display Models –

Floor models are those products which are on display for customers to view before purchasing. These are often sold to consumers at a huge discounted price. It is important to check the item thoroughly before buying it because while it may have some small bumps or scratches, you do not want anything with significant damage or too many unsightly markings. Also, check that you have received all the accessories that go with these items. Another method is buying items classified as “open-box items”. These are items that were returned to the store without ever being used by the previous owner and are usually priced at slightly less than the regular price.

8. Comparison Shop Beforehand –

Always check prices of electronics online as they are often cheaper than in physical stores. You can also make price comparisons much more quickly this way by searching through a number of different sites in just a matter of minutes. Do not be put off by shipping costs as many companies do not charge shipping if you’ve purchased over a certain amount, even for big or bulky items. There are many Smartphone Apps that can help you with price comparison and show you the lowest online price possible for that item.

9. Forget About The Extra Warranty –

Most of the time, an extended warranty is just an unnecessary cost. Many electronics will function far beyond the time of their warranty and statistics show that major repairs on new items are needed very infrequently. If you are worried about the reliability of a product, seek out a brand that you know you can trust, rather than pay extra for an extended warranty that you probably won’t even use. In addition, some stores and credit card companies will automatically lengthen your warranty without you needing to do anything. A lot of brands today offer free warranties that come with your purchase so that extra warranty is a waste of money.

10. Smartphone Apps Can Cost You –

Many Smartphone and tablet apps are free to download, but they sell products and upgrades within the app. Users need to be aware of these potential extra costs. In-app purchases are especially common in games that sell “coins” or other items that help players win. If a user allows their children to play games on their electronic device, the kids may run up large bills simply because they don’t know any better. Users can prevent this by turning off in-app purchases and turning on parental control settings.

Conclusion –

If you know where to look, you can find some great bargains that could save you hundreds of dollars. Always ensure that you obtain at least a store policy 30-day warranty or that the store offers a 30-day return policy when purchasing electronics. You’ve heard the old saying “They just don’t make them like they used to.” You can’t save money with these tips if you have to constantly return your new electronics! Most reputable places will offer some sort of return or exchange policy.

Author: Lauralynn Mangis
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