Education Category: Understanding Credit

Understanding Your Credit Score

What Is A Credit Score? A credit score is a three-digit number ranging from about 300-850 that reflects your credit risk level. It is a snapshot of your credit risk at a particular point in time and is calculated using a mathematical equation with information from your credit report. Lenders use your score to evaluate […]

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Identity Theft Protection

[column class=”twelve] Identity theft is a serious crime that exploded in the 1990’s and continues to grow. It occurs when someone obtains or attempts to obtain your personal identifying information (name, address, account numbers, social security number, etc.) for his own use. Identity theft protection is valuable because a thief may apply for new credit, […]

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How Credit Card Bills Are Calculated

Each month, millions of people receive a paper bill in the mail from their credit card companies, or they visit the company’s website to get their bills electronically. Even though they submit a payment, they do not necessarily know what all of the fees and sums on the bill mean. Let’s take a closer look […]

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