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Divorce and Debt Management

Divorce can be one of the most mentally and financially distressing events in a person’s life. Strategic debt management and credit counseling options can help alleviate the financial downside of…

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Pros and Cons of Bankruptcy

What are the Pros and Cons for filing bankruptcy?

Making the choice to declare bankruptcy is not a decision people should take on lightly. For some people, bankruptcy may be the…

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Filing For Bankruptcy

Help is Available if You are Filing for Bankruptcy!
Our Certified Credit Counselors can guide you through the daunting process of getting out of debt.

Bankruptcy is a serious decision that is…

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Debt Consolidation Services

Understanding Debt Consolidation Services

Many people have found themselves in tremendous debt with no idea how to get out of it. Some lost control with their spending on clothes, entertainment, or…

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Credit Counseling Service Advice

How to avoid credit counseling fraud

Taking advantage of credit counseling is one of the best ways to avoid years of high-interest payments on credit cards and other debts. Professionally licensed…

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Credit Card Counseling Services


Assume you or someone you know has had debt/credit problems in the past. The question is, ‘What can you do about it now?’ It wasn’t an overnight…

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Advance-Fee Loan Scams

Predatory lending, Advance-Fee Loan Scams, and You!

At Advantage CCS, we provide credit counseling and debt management services to clients who have been the victims of predatory lending. The face of…

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