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Retirement Calculator

retirement calculator

Have you ever asked yourself “Do I Have Enough Retirement Money?” Many people ponder this important question, and it becomes more vital to seek an answer as we age. The sooner you start saving towards your retirement, the more money you will have once you actually retire.

Who can benefit from retirement planning:

Using a free online tool like a Retirement Calculator can help you determine how much money you will need to retire comfortably. It will also show you how much you need to save each year between now and retirement to achieve that. There are many resources out there, but it’s a good idea to use the FREE resources and tools first. Anyone over the age of 18 with a steady job should start to think about retirement. A lot of people recommend that you should start planning for retirement as early as you can!

How to use our free online retirement calculator:

Our free online retirement calculator starts off by asking you for your current age. Then, the questions get a little more difficult, i.e. At what age would you like to retire, How long would you like your retirement money to last, How much do you expect to need annually for retirement, How much do you have currently saved for retirement, etc.

It may take some real brain-storming to answer some of these questions, especially if you’ve never even thought about retirement much before. When you are done answering the questions, just hit the orange “Calculate” button, and your results will be shown below in a matter of seconds. It’s that simple!

Here’s a screen shot of our easy-to-use retirement calculator:

retirement calculator

What do I do now:

Retirement is a goal to be appreciated, not feared. For many people, thinking about retirement can be overwhelming. Am I saving enough money? At what age can I afford to stop working? How long will my money last me? Now, the answers are right at your fingertips. Use our free online Retirement Calculator to plan your financial future so you can retire when — and how — you want.

Click Here to Use our FREE Retirement Calculator


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