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How to Enjoy the Weekend for FREE

How to Enjoy the Weekend for free

The weekend is almost here, and you are probably looking for something fun to do. Maybe it’s a backyard party, an art gallery crawl, a wine mixer, or even hitting up your favorite theme park. If you happen to be on a tight budget right now and trying to get your personal finances in order, you may feel like you can’t do anything fun without spending money. That is just NOT true at all! There are plenty of free or very low-cost activities that you can do this weekend and still remain frugal.

Here are some tips and ideas to show you how to enjoy the weekend for FREE:

1.    Start in your community – You can easily find a list of free events going on in your local community by checking out their website or going to city hall. You’ll often be surprised at how many interesting and fun activities are going on in your city that you didn’t even know about.

2.    Organize a walking tour or hike – Research the interesting historical sites in your hometown, and then go on a walking/hiking tour of those places. You can easily turn this into a full day if you live in a compelling area. Invite a group of friends to join you. Make this a weekly/monthly thing. It’s not only free and fun, but it’s healthy for you too.

3.    Visit a zoo or museum (free admission days) – Many cities have free educational attractions, such as zoos or museums. If they are not free to the public in your city, ask those places if there are any “free days” that you can take advantage of. If not, ask about possible opportunities for “free to the public” exhibits or “free admission days” in the near future. You can also look into buying a family pass or some other pass that will get you admittance at a discount.

4.    Movie night with friends – Invite some friends over and have them each bring one of their favorite movies. Then just settle in with some snacks (whatever you have on hand or ask them to bring something) and burn a lazy afternoon and evening just watching movies together. It’s a ton of fun and is sure to create lasting memories. Check out RedBox or Netflix.com for some low-cost movie renting options!


5.    Throw a yard sale – A yard sale is a very rewarding way to spend a money-free weekend. Not only does it provide you an excuse for cleaning out unwanted stuff, it can also bring in some good money as well. Plus, it will give you a whole weekend’s worth of entertainment and fun.

6.    Go to open mic night or a free show – Many local restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs have free entertainment in the form of open mic night, free shows or even karaoke. Call around or grab your local paper to find these events. Get a group together and see how many free shows you can attend.

7.    Take a bike ride – If you’ve got a bicycle in your garage or closet, you already have everything you need for some exercise and good fun. Almost every town and state park has an extensive array of bike trails, so you can always find somewhere new and interesting to ride. Don’t have a bike? See if you can borrow your neighbor’s or a friend’s.

bike ride

8.    Host a potluck dinner – Make a dish out of food you already have in your pantry. Invite some friends to do the same, and then get together for a potluck dinner. It makes for a “free” meal and a lot of fun for everyone involved. Set up a theme for the party and get ready to have a blast.

9.    Go camping in the great outdoors – Sometimes it is fun to wander off the beaten path and connect with nature. Try going camping with a few friends out in the wilderness or at a free campground. Check out this website for a map that lists free camping site: http://freecampsites.net/

10.    Host a board game night – I have a friend who is a little obsessed with board games, but who doesn’t love a good “game night” with friends, right? We usually play the classic games such as Monopoly, Pictionary, Clue, Scrabble, etc. But we also play some games that are a little geekier (for lack of a better term) like Settlers of Catan, Cartagena, Puerto Rico, Nightfall, and Ticket to Ride. It can be a ton of fun to play some games that you haven’t played in a few years!

Settlers of Catan

There are many ways to have a fun-filled weekend for free. You have to be willing to do a little research and ask around. Get creative and think outside the box, and maybe even step outside of your comfort zone. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. Invite friends over this week to brainstorm some ideas for next weekend. Have fun with it!

Tell us about some of your favorite FREE activities and how you enjoy spending your weekends! We’d love to hear from you!



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