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Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Halloween Costumes

October holds a soft spot in my heart for my all-time most favorite month. The leaves are changing color, cooler nights, bonfires, hoodies, hot chocolate, Halloween, pumpkin flavored everything, etc. The list could go on and on.

Halloween will be here before we know it. Save your money for the spooky decorations and giant-sized candy bars you’ll be giving out to trick-or-treaters by skipping the high-priced store-bought costumes this year. I’ll show you some awesome Halloween costumes that you can make or find that will help you stick to your budget and won’t break the bank.

Halloween costume ideas for the budget-minded:

  • Jelly-BeansBag of Jelly Beans: Get a clear trash bag, cut holes for the arms and legs to fit through. Print the nutritional facts on the back of the costume with black Sharpie marker, just like what you see on the backs of candy bags. Fill up the bag with colored balloons for the jellybeans, and tie up the trash bag near the neck with a ribbon. That’s all it takes to create this fun and colorful costume. Click here for instructions.


  • flower potFlower Pot: You can find everything you need for this costume at your local Dollar Store. You’ll need a headband with a fake flower glued on it, plastic fake flowers to fill the pot, a large plastic tub with duct tape straps to keep it up, pink shirt and matching leggings. You’ll have the cutest flower pot on the block!


  • harry potterHarry Potter Robe: What kid doesn’t love Harry Potter? This costume is super easy to make and cheap too! You’ll need an oversized black t-shirt, a large black button, black thread, scissors, pins, and an iron-on Hogwarts patch (find it here). Go here for full instructions on how to make this super cute costume!


  • TMNTTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: This is a favorite costume among little boys. It starts with spray painting a large roasting pan green to create the turtle shell. Grab some felt fabric in either red, blue, orange, or purple (depending on which character your child wants to be) and cut out holes for the eyes to make the mask. Take some more felt fabric and make a belt around the “shell” and you’ll also need it to make elbow and knee pads. Find a green sweatshirt and sweatpants or a green sleeper/footed pj’s will work too. Voila! Your kid is now a superhero!


  • minionsMinion: With the new movie that was recently released, there will be a million kids wanting to be a Minion for Halloween. Luckily, you can make this costume in little time and for little money. You can make Minion glasses with protective goggles from the dollar store and mason canning jar rings. Find a yellow beanie hat and stick black pipe cleaners through the top for the hair or just spike your kid’s own hair with hairspray and use black temporary hair color spray. Get a yellow sweatshirt or hoodies and a pair of jean overalls to complete the look.


  • crazy cat ladyCrazy Cat Lady: This one is super easy, cheap, and adorable all rolled into one! All you need is a comfy warm robe, a pair of slippers, a pair of fake eyeglasses, some rollers for the hair, and a few stuffed kittens. Your child can carry a kitten or two and then tape or glue the other kittens onto the robe. It’s so cute and fun!


  • lego manLego Man: You can make this costume for under $15. You need two cardboard boxes, one large and rectangle shaped for the body and the other smaller and more square for the head. Then get 7 plastic Tupperware type bowls from the Dollar Store and some red, blue, green, etc. spray paint, as well as yellow spray paint for the head. Glue 6 bowls to the large rectangle box and 1 bowl on the top of the square shaped box. Spray paint and then use black Sharpie marker to make eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. Cut out the mouth part so you can see out of it. It’s that easy!


  • bat costumeBat Costume: This one is the easiest to make. Get a black sweatshirt, black sweatpants, and a black t-shirt. Cut the black t-shirt to make the wings and then either sew or glue them under the arms of the black sweatshirt. You can use face paint to make it even more realistic and cut out two small bat ears from felt fabric and glue them onto a headband. It’s simple, cute, and warm for those cold October nights!


  • zombie kidsZombie: Some kids like to dress up like princesses or superheroes. But for others, it’s more fun to dress up as something scary. This cool zombie costume is perfect for any girl or boy who prefers “spooky” to “normal”. This would be a great costume if your family is planning to do a group zombie theme. You need some old clothes that you can rip and get dirty. Fake blood (lots of it) and some white and black face makeup. That’s it! Get creative with the face makeup and put that fake blood everywhere. It’s fast, easy, cheap, and super scary fun!


  • Elsa costumeElsa: If your daughter just HAS to be a Disney Princess this year, then check out this Elsa dress from the popular movie Frozen. It’s only $14.71 on Amazon.com and you don’t have to make anything or spend any time on it whatsoever. She can wear it after Halloween as well when she plays dress up! http://amzn.to/1OnLXPI


Halloween is only once a year so there’s no reason to over-spend on a costume that you’ll most likely only wear once. There are so many great DIY ideas out there on Pinterest and all across the web. It takes a little more time and patience, but you can find great deals and make your own incredible costume for next to nothing. Don’t let this one holiday ruin your budget or cause you to go into debt. It’s a fun holiday, but it’s not worth that!

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