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Advantage voted Best Debt Management Company

Advantage voted Best Debt Management Company

We are thrilled and very proud to be awarded the #1 spot on 10BestDebt.com’s “Top Ten Debt Management Companies” list. The news was just announced in a Press Release on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 and we are so happy to be named the Top Debt Management Company in the country. Click Here to see the Press Release that 10BestDebt.com released earlier this week.

The organization 10 Best Debt acknowledged several companies for their exemplary dedication to assisting consumers with their financial problems, providing quality credit counseling, and preparing clients to turn their debt troubles into successful planning for the future. Advantage Credit Counseling Service couldn’t be any happier about being the Award Winning Leading Debt Management Company.

We’ve been assisting individuals with their financial troubles since 1968. We are a National Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization that offers free credit counseling, an excellent debt management program, housing counseling, bankruptcy counseling, bankruptcy education, and much more. We’ve worked very hard to become licensed in every US state to provide our trusted services to those in need. We also offer free online educational tools such as our Blog, Educational Library, Videos and Guides, Financial Calculators, Helpful Links, and more.

As stated in the Press Release, only the most worthy companies are considered for their list. This includes agencies that exemplify the most ethical behavior, utilize best practices, as well as those that are driven to deliver the best client experience. Many companies have competed to be named the Leading Debt Management Agency, but only Advantage CCS made number one!

10 Best Debt is the Internet’s premier destination for answers to your financial and credit questions, as per their website and company description. They do not offer any debt management services; instead they help consumers locate the nation’s best debt management agencies available to them. These agencies have undergone an independent ranking process which takes a number of variables into consideration. Some of these variables include: services offered, any and all associated fees, previous awards and accolades, web performance statistics, client research, traffic to the websites, business ratings across the Internet, and the reviews and ratings of past customers.

10 Best Debt Consolidation Firms

Advantage Credit Counseling Service is humble and we accept this wonderful award from 10 Best Debt. What we do, we do for our community, our clients, their families, and anyone out there that needs a little extra help or some great financial advice to better their future.

If you need help with budgeting, credit counseling, debt management, bankruptcy counseling, or any other type of financial advice or help, please give us a call today. The call is completely free and totally confidential. We’ve helped thousands of people become debt-free and we can help you too!


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