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Advantage CCS wants consumers to know that the Online Budget Advisor tool is now FREE!

Advantage CCS has some very exciting news that we would like to announce: The Agency’s online Budget Advisor tool is now FREE to the public. This online budgeting analysis tool was previously available for $4.95 but Advantage Credit Counseling Service has completely gotten rid of any and all fees! The consumer can now use this FREE budget analysis tool with custom “Action Plan” anytime that they want. It’s 100% free, confidential, secure, and super easy to use.

The Advantage CCS’s Online Budget Advisor tool sets itself apart from the competition by putting over 43 years of expert experience behind our software. Our tool is easy to understand, super efficient, and extremely thorough. The software asks the very same questions that our professional budgeting experts ask during their face-to-face counseling sessions. In addition to providing a FULL budgetary analysis (complete financial picture), we also generate a 20+ page custom “Action Plan” that includes useful tips, suggestions, and helpful resource links to assist you in improving your current financial situation and to help you get out of debt, if that’s the case.

Here are just some of the benefits that you’ll receive by using our Online Budget Advisor tool: 

Analyze Your Budget

  • Efficiently record all income and expenses
  • Step by step input of your assets and liabilities
  • Provide info about family, health care, and goals

Create A Game Plan

  • Our software evaluates your expenses and needs
  • A custom budget action plan is generated
  • Receive personalized suggestion & tips

Dial In Your Results

  • Review your budget and make adjustments
  • Generate new reports based on budget changes
  • Tweak and experiment at any time
  • Customize your budget to meet your financial goals

We know that setting up a budget for the very first time can feel like a daunting task.  This is where the Online Budget Advisor tool can help.  Our Budget Advisor program is a step by step process that will allow you to see a complete financial picture without ripping your hair out. Give it a try today for FREE and let us know what you think! Thank you!


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