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Advantage CCS has acquired CCCS of Northeastern PA

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Advantage CCS has acquired CCCS of Northeastern PA and now we’re able to help more consumers than ever before!

It’s been an exciting year so far for Advantage Credit Counseling Service, Inc.  Effective January 1, 2016, Advantage CCS joined with Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. to form Pennsylvania’s largest provider of debt management services.  CCCS of Northeastern PA brings to Advantage CCS an experienced staff of counselors and client service representatives to help better serve all of our clients’ counseling, education, and debt management program needs.

By bringing CCCS of Northeastern PA into the Advantage CCS family, we can serve consumers in more office locations than we could before.  Advantage CCS now has a strong presence in central and northeastern Pennsylvania to allow more clients to receive the in-person counseling they so desire.  In addition to our previous office locations in Pittsburgh, Altoona, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg and York, we now have locations in Pittston, Stroudsburg, State College, and Williamsport.

The acquisition of CCCS of Northeastern PA also expands our staff so we can better meet the needs of our current and future clients.  Advantage CCS now employs 17 certified credit counselors and 4 program support specialists who are dedicated to improving the financial well-being of our clients.

While our office locations have expanded and the size of our staff has increased, Advantage CCS is still committed to its mission of providing professional, meaningful, and confidential consumer education and budget/credit counseling, as well as developing effective debt reduction programs for all segments of the communities that we serve.

Advantage CCS is thrilled to bring you this wonderful news. We have high hopes for 2016 being our best year, and this acquisition is just the beginning. CCCS of Northeastern PA has provided the residents of central and northeastern Pennsylvania with compassionate and effective financial counseling and debt management for over 35 years. Joining with Advantage CCS, they will continue to be a trusted community partner in Pennsylvania. Advantage CCS brings over 47 years experience as well, so combined we have a total of over 80 years in the non-profit credit counseling sector.

“Partnering with Advantage CCS allows our counselors and our agency to continue to serve the residents of central and northeastern Pennsylvania by providing them with the same caring counseling services they are accustomed to,” said Mike Elick President of CCCS of Northeastern PA. “This collaboration allows our Agency to better serve our clients and the community.”

“The joining together of Advantage CCS and CCCS of Northeastern PA allows the two agencies to expand our presence in Pennsylvania and to further share our expertise with Pennsylvania residents,” said Stephen J. Piotrowski President and CEO of Advantage CCS. “This partnership is one that will sustain both agencies long into the future.”

There are other big things on the horizon for Advantage CCS and CCCS of Northeastern PA, so make sure you check back often for other exciting news!


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