Month: November 2019

How To Be Frugal During The Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, people are starting to draft their budget plans for the upcoming festivities. This year the average holiday shopper is expected to spend close to $800 or more for gifts. About half of those people will also spend an average of $150 on items for themselves. If your goal is to […]

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Exciting Ways to Teach Kids the Importance of Money Management

For parents, their greatest hopes are that their children will grow up with proper money management knowledge and be able to one day have a job and afford a home for their future families. It seems that kids today find it hard to understand the value of money. Today’s world is filled with micro transactions […]

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Why You Need To Track Your Monthly Expenses

Most people know the importance of keeping track of their finances and spending habits. That being said, many people still don’t bother to do it. It can often seem overwhelming or tedious having to keep track of your monthly expenses, but in the end, it’s always worth it. Tracking your expenses daily can really help […]

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