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10 Reasons why Winter can be a Budget Breaker

Summer can be a high cost season with family vacations, more outdoor activities to do, and summer parties to attend, but winter can also be a high cost season for other reasons.

Winter is when many expenses suddenly appear that were not present during the warm summer months. Some expenses are unavoidable while others can be overcome with detailed budget building and financial planning.

Here are 10 reasons why winter can be a budget breaker:

Winterizing a Home –

Every home needs to be winterized before the cold weather starts. It is often necessary to hire professionals to repair gutters, replace insulation, and inspect the furnace or boiler. This can create unexpected costs that affect the budget for months to come.

Increased Utility Bills –

Staying comfortable during cold winter days means the family must run the heating system regularly. This can increase the cost of electricity or fuel for the home. The shorter winter days will also mean increased power bills because the lights in the home must be used more often.

Holiday Spending –

The winter holiday season is a time when families must give gifts to loved ones or to service professionals like teachers, the mailman, or hair dressers. The cost of gifts is not always included in the budget for the winter months. Excessive holiday spending on gifts can break any budget.

Winter Injuries –

Ice and snow on the ground make injuries during the winter more likely. Simple slips and falls can result in sprained ankles or even broken bones. This will increase medical bills during the winter if the family is not careful. You also may need to purchase rock salt for driveways and walkways to help keep them ice free.

Car Repairs and Maintenance –

Cold weather has a negative effect on cars. Tires can wear down quickly or you could have problems with the transmission. Frozen fuel lines can cause problems with the engine. Car repair and maintenance costs can ruin a budget during the winter.

Winter Wardrobe Costs –

Many families need to buy new coats, boots, and sweaters for the winter. These necessary expenses will keep everyone comfortable and warm. Families that do not anticipate winter wardrobe costs will see budget problems when the season starts and it begins to get colder outside.

Snow Removal –

Lawns, driveways and sidewalks need to be maintained during the winter. Most people do not have the time to remove large amounts of snow. Something that can break a budget is paying for professional snow removal throughout the season.

Property Damage from Ice and Snow –

Ice can form in gutters and punch holes in the roof leading to water damage. Falling ice can break windows. Heavy snow can bring down trees, power lines and branches. The cost of property repairs can create a financial burden on the family during the winter months.

Seasonal Income Fluctuations –

Some people have lower income during the winter because of unpaid holidays or lower sales volumes before and after the holidays. Budgets that do not account for the reduced seasonal income will be unbalanced. This can make it harder to save or pay bills during winter.

Travel Expenses –

Many families travel during the winter to celebrate holidays or visit loved ones. The cost of gas and airfare is very high during the winter. Holiday travel costs can break a budget. It’s best to book travel plans early and use saving or discount websites to find the best deals.


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