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Children's Clothing

Children’s Clothing Options That Are Budget Friendly

Children’s clothing is a major expense for parents, especially if you have more than one child or have both boys and girls. Children wear out clothing while playing rough, or quickly outgrow clothing when going through a growth spurt. Here are some children’s clothing options that are budget friendly:

Gently Used Clothing

Those with children, particularly very young children, know that kids often grow so quickly that clothing is outgrown before it has seen very much use or no use at all. Buying gently used clothing is a great option for those interested in saving money on children’s clothing.

There are several ways to shop for gently used kid’s clothing. The first is to visit local children’s consignment shops like Once Upon A Child. Children’s consignment stores buy and sell gently used children’s clothing. Another good option for gently used clothing is neighborhood yard or garage sales. Finally, there are many online options such as auction sites like eBay or uBid and even online consignment stores like Once In A Blue Moon.

Earn Money With Old Clothing

In addition to purchasing gently used clothing, a parent might consider selling their children’s gently used outgrown clothing and toys. Selling online, holding a yard sale or visiting a consignment store that buys children’s items in good condition are all excellent options. This provides extra money for purchasing new clothing when needed. You can also request store credit for any items you sell and use the store credit to purchase new gently used clothing. Many consignment stores will give you the option of choosing either money or store credit.

Sales, Clearance and Strategic Buying

Shopping sales and in the clearance section are both great ways to save a little money on children’s clothing. For maximum savings, however, shoppers must shop even smarter than before. For example, when bathing suits and summer clothing go on clearance at the end of summer, parents should pick up a bathing suit in their child’s next size for the following summer. If there is a great shoe sale, a parent might purchase a favorite shoe in several sizes to avoid paying full price when the current size is outgrown.

Use Coupons

Coupons are not just for groceries. Children’s clothing retailers regularly issue coupons that can be used in store or on the store’s website. Parents should sign up for the e-mail subscriptions at their favorite children’s stores to receive coupons and special offers. Pay attention to expiration dates to avoid letting a valuable coupon expire. For maximum savings, parents should try to combine a sale or other special offer with a coupon. They are many Smartphone apps that provide instant coupons for stores that you might visit often. If the app is free and the coupons are good, why not go ahead and install it on your phone.

Cheap or a Good Value?

It is important to know the difference between purchasing an item that is cheap, versus an item that is a good value. In some cases, the cheapest option will suit the child’s needs. Sometimes, it is better to purchase a better quality item for the lowest possible price to avoid replacing a clothing or toy item earlier than expected. For items that are expected to be worn for a while or during playtime, it is best to choose the best value, rather than the cheapest option.

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