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Consumer Credit Counseling – Educational Resources

Many Americans have never been taught the fundamentals of credit responsibility and proper money management.  Without formal education about debt consolidation & consumer credit counseling, it’s difficult to make well-informed financial decisions.  At Advantage Credit Counseling Service, we believe that financial education and our debt consolidation services are powerful tools in preventing money management mishaps.  We show you ways to manage your money and to use credit wisely and responsibly.  The following articles listed below are the education resources you need to gain better understanding of debt consolidation and consumer credit counseling. We hope that you find these articles informative and most of all helpful!

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Latest from the Education Library

Secured and Unsecured Debt

Unsecured Debt versus Secured Debt
What are the Differences Between the Two? –

There are two main types of credit: secured and unsecured. Knowing the difference between the two can help you…

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Debt Collection and Credit Counseling

Are you struggling to pay your bills and getting notices from debt collection agencies? Have some of those collection notices turned into intrusive and aggressive phone calls demanding payment?

If the…

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Credit Counseling for California

Debt Management Company Helps West Coast Residents

Our credit counseling agency helps families and individuals facing bankruptcy or financial conflict. Advantage Credit Counseling Service offers free credit counseling to California families…

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