Overcome the Financial Challenges of Home Ownership

We can help you achieve your dream of home ownership with our three Housing Counseling Services: First-time Home Buying, Foreclosure Prevention, & Reverse Mortgages.

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Housing Counseling Services with Advantage CCS

For many Americans, owning a home is the ultimate dream. Working toward that dream requires an understanding of the advantages of home ownership and learning how to overcome financial challenges. Common advantages include having a place of your own, earning tax credits, and building equity. Common challenges include understanding your financing and loan options, preventing the threat of foreclosure, and realizing the true cost of home ownership. That’s why Advantage CCS is here to help you with personalized housing counseling services. Whether you’re looking to buy, trying to avoid foreclosure or interested in refinancing to a reverse mortgage, we are on your side and our housing counseling services are here for you.

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Three Housing Counseling Services From Advantage CCS:


Pre-Purchase Counseling

If you’re in the market to buy a home, Advantage CCS can prepare you for every step of the process. Our housing counselors and home buying workshops will help you understand the loan process, your mortgage options and insurance needs. We also work hard to eliminate as many of those last-minute surprises as possible! Our goal is to ensure you’re as educated as possible before making one of the biggest investments of your life.

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Foreclosure Prevention Counseling (For Residents of Pennsylvania Only)

Are you dealing with a difficult financial situation and falling behind on your mortgage payments? Advantage CCS provides counseling services that can help you avoid foreclosure on your home. We’ll help you understand the foreclosure process, speak with your lenders, and in some cases build a personalized budget to get you back on track for a more financially secure future. Note: Foreclosure Prevention Counseling is available for Pennsylvania residents only.

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Reverse Mortgage Counseling

At Advantage CCS, we make understanding a reverse mortgage as easy and stress-free as possible. If you are qualified to take advantage of a reverse mortgage, our professional housing counselors are ready to walk you through the process, ensuring you understand the rules, benefits and pre-requisites, so you can make the best decision for your future and family.

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