How To Get Started With Online Credit Counseling

Getting Started With Our Online Counseling Services

Advantage Credit Counseling Service is an accredited national non-profit consumer credit counseling service provider, which has been offering professional and confidential budgeting sessions, online credit counseling, bankruptcy counseling, and debt counseling to consumers for over 43 years. Advantage can help you improve your financial management skills, develop a plan to eliminate your credit card debt, and educate consumers on wise money management. Expert guidance is just a mouse click away. Get certified debt counseling, credit counseling and bankruptcy counseling services from Advantage CCS today!

The Following are just some of our Online Services:

Online Credit & Debt Counseling

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  • Our system’s “Decision Engine” determines if a Debt Management Plan (DMP) may be right for you
  • Begin your online credit & debt counseling session in the privacy and comfort of your own home
  • Our online counseling system is Free, No obligations, 100% secure, and completely confidential
  • Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Input your income, expenses, creditors, assets & liabilities to receive your current budget plan
  • System generates a 20+ page custom and personalized Action Plan (PDF) with tips & suggestions
  • Create a proposed budget scenario to get everything balanced out
Online Bankruptcy Counseling

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  • Required counseling needed prior to filing for bankruptcy
  • Start here to receive your pre-filing bankruptcy certificate
  • Receive a personalized action plan
Online Bankruptcy Education

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  • Required bankruptcy course needed prior to discharge
  • Start your pre-discharge bankruptcy class & receive your certificate
  • Covered in this course include: setting a budget, how to manage your money, and Identifying the right type of credit

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